BUSC does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, or sex.


The Ballistic United Soccer Club – Erik Lemoine Scholarship Program is intended to provide opportunities for financially disadvantaged Pleasanton and other qualifying youth players to participate in BUSC competitive soccer programs.

Qualifying BUSC competitive soccer players may apply for and may be considered for scholarships for Club program and training fees. These scholarships may defray up to 100% of the Club fees that comprise coaching and technical director salaries, program administrative expenses, field expenses, goalkeeper training, and other related program costs.  Uniform, tournaments, and other miscellaneous team fees are not included.

A Player’s parent(s)/legal guardian(s) must submit an application and provide the 2 most recent years signed copies of their Federal Tax Return for consideration.

Player scholarship amounts are needs based but are graduated based upon combined total income.  Additional hardship and merits are considered.

All applications must be submitted by the published deadlines for consideration.  The BUSC scholarship committee will consider all eligible applications and notification of scholarship awards will be made according to published schedules.

Scholarship recipients and their parents/legal guardians must each provide 4 hours of volunteer service to the club.  They are not eligible for volunteer fee reimbursements. Registration forms and fees must be completed and upon award notification.


The following criteria and rules are applicable to players seeking to apply for a BUSC scholarship:

  • Must be registered with BUSC and participating in a BUSC D1 or D3 program
  • Must be a player in good standing with BUSC
  • Must submit a scholarship application and provide the most recent Federal Income Tax filings (or proof or earnings) to the club BY THE APPLICATION DUE DATE. (see schedule below)
  • Scholarship funds are applied as a credit by the club towards club training fees only. Registration, Team fees, or uniform costs are not eligible for this scholarship fund.

Combined Family Taxable Income

55k: Consideration up to 100% of club program fees
55k–75k: Consideration up to 50% of club program fees

Additional Hardship/Merit Considerations

  • Recent loss of permanent employment of primary wage earner Player performance/potential
  • Years with club


2009-2006: 2/2 deadline
2005-2003: 2/24 deadline
2002-1998: 4/30 deadline

If applications are filed after the due date; scholarship applications will be considered throughout the year should additional scholarship funding become available.

Financial Assistance Application