buscHi Everyone –
I am proud and humbled to be writing to you as the new Ballistic United Soccer Club President.  The Club is in a very exciting spot.  The younger teams finished their State Cup runs a few weeks ago, the older teams are playing their State Cups now and the high school-aged teams are competing for their schools with State Cup to come in a few weeks.  Looking forward, we see outstanding opportunities to build upon a great foundation and take the Club to places it has not been.
First and most important, thank you.  Thank you to Nandor Krause, Ed Lecco and Gene Matthew.  These three men share close to 40 years of service to the Club and they are all moving to advisory roles with the Club. 
Nandor Krause is stepping down from the role of President after leading the Club through times lean and flush.  Nandor and I recently reflected on how the Club grew and changed during his tenure.  Not only did Nandor oversee a significant expansion and improvement to our parks with the addition of Val Vista and the Bernal fields, he also brought Kevin Crow home to Ballistic United and oversaw an unmatched consistency, quality and beauty of the play on the pitch.  Serving on the board for the last few years I saw a consistency and efficiency in the meetings and actions, a thoughtful decision process and a lawyerly attention to details.  Nandor, you leave some big shoes to fill.  Hope my size 12s are up to the job.  Please join me in extending a heartfelt thanks to Nandor for his energy, time and passion poured into the Club.  If you need to track Nandor down, you can still find him in our board meetings.  He will continue on in the role of Past President.
Ed Lecco brought a great perspective to his role as Vice President, as he was also a coach.  After more than 10 years, Ed is leaving the Board.  As VP, Ed was our logistical leader.  He made sure that all the teams, recreational and competitive, had a place to play and practice in town.  He also oversaw the scheduling of the games in town.  These were some of Ed’s tangible, day-to-day activities that kept the boys playing.  Important though they are, it is the intangibles that he brought to the table – his structure from his Navy background, his approach to discussions from being a coach and a community leader, his straight-forward manner, his humor and grace – that I will miss.  Ed wears his passion for the Club on his sleeve, or on his calf where he has a tattoo of the BUSC logo.  Ed’s commitment and love for the Club is obvious.  Understand, Ed, that the Club and the Board feel the same way about you.  If you want to reach Ed, you can find him out on his boat in the Bay.
Gene Matthew was on the Board when Nandor and Ed joined.  As Treasurer, Gene managed our finances and brought us from pencil and paper to managing our finances electronically.  He led our budgeting and was instrumental in bringing Val Vista online.  Gene’s perspective and history will be missed.  He could tell us about a program that was run years ago, and how it fared.  One thing I will miss is his frustration over our being billed for toilet paper for our tournaments – were soccer families the only ones using toilet paper?!?  That and his “accounting acronyms” like D.A.S.  Thank you, Gene, for the years, the laughs and for keeping us inline financially.  If you are looking for Gene, you can find him out on the golf course, oftentimes with Bill Free, another former Board member.
A special thanks to Kim Krause, Lori Lecco and Judy Matthew.  These ladies and their families figured prominently in the success of the board over the past 10 years and more.  Nandor’s, Ed’s and Gene’s wives offered unending patience and support.  They were confidants and sounding boards.  Importantly, they covered the family responsibilities while their husbands were in meetings, on the fields, or talking to the parent in line at the grocery store.  Please accept our most sincere thanks for loaning us your husbands.  Hope you can figure out what to do with these guys since they will have so much more free time.

Thanks also go out to Rob Borghese.  Rob served the Club starting as a manager for the U8 Academy, moving to the Director of Recreational Play and onto the Equipment Manager.  Rob’s heart was always in the right place and he worked to benefit all the boys in the Club.  Rob is embarking on a new and exciting career as a Paramedic / EMT, and is not able to continue committing the time to the Board.  Thanks, Rob, for your time, energy and devotion to the Club.  If you are looking for Rob, you can find him on the sidelines at his son’s U13 games.
This is an exciting time for the Club, with the new Bernal fields opening in 2016 (thanks Greg Jetter for leading the charge!) and the application in to US Soccer to expand our Academy program from its current U14 age group to include boys in the U16 and U18 age groups.  There is much work to do, and an enthusiastic, dedicated and forward-thinking team is in place on your Board to get this work done. 

Here is your Board of Directors.

President – Sam Head
Vice President – Tim Still
Treasurer – Michelle Lemus
Secretary – Paul Smith
Executive Director – Kevin Crow
Competitive Director – Tyrone Tuell
Recreational Director – Ben Castro
Officiating Director – John Becker
Director of Field Development – Greg Jetter
Director of Marketing – Ben Castro

You will notice that Ben is wearing two hats.  He is moving from the Marketing to the Recreational role, and is covering Marketing until that spot is filled. If you or anyone you know has experience and is interested in leading our Marketing efforts, please contact me.  This is a key role as we continue to expand our Recreational program and expand our US Soccer Academy program.

As I wrap up this article, here are a few words about me.  My wife and I moved to Pleasanton in 2000 and are parents to two great kids.  Our son plays soccer at U13, as well as basketball and lacrosse.  Our daughter will be starting her U10 season for soccer in a couple of weeks, and also plays basketball and lacrosse.  I joined the BUSC Board in 2011, serving as the Equipment Manager and the Recreational Director.  My son started playing competitive soccer in his U9 year.  Watching him and his teammates grow during that year, seeing them all walk a little taller, stand a little straighter, seeing their pride in wearing the BUSC name and crest, all fed into my interest to get actively involved with the Club.  I want all the boys in Pleasanton to get this opportunity to learn and grow, physically and emotionally, through soccer.  As we embark on this new year with this new Board, I will continue to use this newsletter to keep you apprised of our objectives and goals, our challenges and our accomplishments.

Thank you to all who came before us and to those who offered their support to this current Board.  I am very excited about the opportunities we are facing and I look forward to serving the Ballistic community in Pleasanton.  We have much to do, so let’s get to it!

Sam Head



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Dear Members,

It is with mixed emotions that I write to you, as this article is my last communication as the outgoing President of Ballistic United Soccer Club.  At the end of last year, I decided not to seek re-election and the board endorsed Sam Head as the new Club President.  I would like to welcome Sam to the role of President and would encourage all of you to thank him if you get the chance.  The position of President in this soccer club is challenging, but also very rewarding.

I began my journey on the board of directors in 2002, when I was brought onto the board to serve as the Club’s equipment director.  I then moved to match secretary in 2003, and was responsible for scheduling all of the competitive and recreational games played in town.  Past President Bob Maas resigned in November 2004 and I was elected at the AGM held shortly thereafter.  It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as Club President for the last 10 years. 

I have seen many changes over the years, and am proud of the plans and programs the board has instituted along the way.  To put things in perspective, Val Vista had not yet opened when I first joined the board and our players wore uniforms provided by a relatively unknown company called Xara.  Since that time, we worked with several coaching directors and established a valued relationship with Adidas.  We witnessed the birth of US Club Soccer, a national association member of the U.S. Soccer Federation and its ongoing role in player development and involve our players in its Player Development Program.  We established various camps and clinics, and at times utilized outside educators such as Franz Hoek, who is currently assisting Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal at Old Trafford.

We also established relationships with Futsal leagues, and encouraged our players to play Futsal.  A fantastic variation of indoor soccer, which focuses on touch and creative footwork as opposed to strength and athletic speed, Futsal has been a major component for those wishing to play after high school.  We developed a player and parent code of conduct that has become a model for other clubs, and we stay vigilant at games to ensure that our players enjoy their game experience without unnecessary distractions. 

We developed a year round comprehensive soccer program, and established playing rules for our younger recreational players such as the “new ball” rule to maximize their playing enjoyment.  We became involved in the U.S. Soccer Academy and now send our players abroad to visit, train and play.  We have developed National and International relationships, and have placed a significant number of players on college teams and have seen a growing number of players recruited for the U.S. Youth National Team.  It is only a matter of time before we produce a Men’s National Team or Professional player. 

We established the Ballistic United Hall of Fame, an event that celebrates our past while connecting it with our future.  And, after years of endless lobbying and meetings with City staff and representatives from various sports groups we will soon see the construction of sports fields at the Bernal site.  It is only a matter of time before we see our boys playing soccer on lighted artificial turf fields. 

I have made many friends along the way, and will miss serving alongside long time fellow board members Gene Matthew, Ed Lecco and Tim Still.  I have also witnessed the loss of a several individuals who in their own unique way contributed to the ongoing success of the Club.  I will never forget former players Ryan Gordon and Erik Lemoine, tournament organizer Joyce Leonard, coach Larry Boldrini and Club registrar Cindy Free. 

What I want to leave all of you with, though, is the understanding that the future is as bright as ever.  Ballistic United will continue to serve as a leader in youth soccer here in California, and I am confident that our current board along with Kevin Crow, who was recently elevated to Executive Director, will strive for new and exciting ways to enhance player development and keep the game of soccer as fun as ever. 

It has been an honor and a privilege to have served as President for this Club, and I would be remiss if I did not recognize and thank my wife Kim and my boys Nandor and Alex for allowing me the time spent running the Club.  I want to congratulate Sam Head and Michelle Lemus on their election to their respective positions, and I know they will provide the leadership needed to keep the Club moving forward while always remembering that we do what we do for one, single reason – to teach our boys the “beautiful game,” the game of soccer. 
Nandor Krause

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We are holding competitive team placements for the 2015 season over the next few weeks. The U12, U13, and U14 boys placements will be held at Las Positas College on Saturday, February 21st, and Sunday, February 22nd. Please visit and look for “2015 Competitive Placements” for more information.

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Registration for the Fall 2015 recreational soccer season will open shortly. Please visit beginning 2/23 to register your son for the upcoming season.