PASS Game Day Procedures and Match Rules

Game Day Procedures

  1. If playing conditions are good, teams must play on scheduled date and time or forfeit.
  2. Field status is determined by the city of Pleasanton’s weatherline (925)931-5360 and the field status website.
    1. No game shall be played on grass fields if the city has closed the fields prior to the scheduled kickoff time.
    2. Games scheduled at all weather fields (Patelco) shall be played rain or shine.
    3. Games cancelled due to weather conditions shall not be rescheduled.
  3. Players and officials shall arrive at matches 30 minutes prior to kickoff.
  4. Referees will check each player’s photo ID against the Gotsoccer game day roster prior to kickoff.
    1. Players must show photo ID and be checked in against a printed roster.
    2. Players will not be checked in or allowed to play without a photo ID.
    3. No handwritten names will be allowed on rosters.
  5. If a team cannot field 7 players within 10 minutes after the scheduled game starting time, that team forfeits the game and referees are released from the match.
    1. If agreeable to both teams, the team short players can pick up registered players from another team, so long as the total number of available players does not exceed two male and two female substitutes.
    2. The game may then be played under friendly scrimmage rules.
  6. Players shall have matching team jerseys with the exception of goalkeepers.
    1. Each jersey must have a unique number.
    2. Sleeveless shirts are acceptable.
    3. Sport bras worn alone are not acceptable.

Match Rules

IFAB 2017-2018 laws of the game shall govern all play with the following additions and clarifications.

  1. Game Length shall be two 45-minute halves:
    1. No overtime periods or tiebreakers shall apply
    2. If match kickoff is late due to teams not arriving on time, referee may reduce play time to two shorter, equal halves and shall communicate the length of shorter halves to team captains prior to kickoff.
  2. In coed matches, the following rules shall apply:
    1. Goalie may be either sex
    2. No more than five of the field players can be men
    3. There can be more women players than men players on the field
    4. Women take all drop balls and penalty kicks
    5. Women may use arms to protect their chest provided they keep their arms close to their bodies and do not direct the ball
  3. Unlimited substitutions are allowed for either team at the discretion of the referee during:
    1. Any goal kick
    2. Any kickoff
    3. On throw-in or corner kick when initiated by team in possession of the ball
  4. At an injury stoppage, only the injured player may be substituted.
  5. Goalkeeper may not be charged at any time and doing so will be considered a cautionable offense.
  6. When a goalkeeper has possession of the ball, obstruction of the goalkeeper will be considered a cautionable offense.  (Opposing player must stand aside.)
  7. Intentional or aggressive sliding within playing distance of other players will be considered a cautionable offense.
  8. Any cautioned player must take an automatic 10-minute “cooling off” period (a.k.a. “Sin Bin”). A substitute, if available, may replace the cautioned player.


Post Game Procedures

  1. Referees shall fill out the printed game card:
    1. Note the final score
    2. Note any cautions or send offs
    3. Referee and assistant referees shall sign the game card
    4. Game card is returned to home team captain
  2. Referees shall submit an after match report via GameOfficials within 24 hours of the match using the “After Games” reporting function.
  3. An incident report must be filed for EACH misconduct incident that occurs during the match so that the league may track cumulative incidents for players and teams:
    1. All cautions shall be logged including player name, jersey number, and cautionable offense via the “Incident Report” function of the After Games reporting within GameOfficials.
    2. All send offs shall be logged including player name, jersey number, send off offense, and details of the incident(s) and player(s) involved with the send off via the “Incident Report” within GameOfficials.
  4. Any unusual incident occurring at a match involving players, substitutes or spectators shall be logged by the officials by submitting an Incident Report via GameOfficials or by emailing details of the incident to the Assignor.

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