PASS Rules


In order to guide existing teams, as well as future teams, the following policies have been discussed and approved. It is recognized that while these regulations and guidelines should help to maintain the type of league desired, the cooperation and attitude of every participant will determine the success of the League.


  1. This League was designed as an adult recreational league for fun and exercise.
  2. Players agree to read and abide by the BUSC Bylaws and Rules which are available on the BUSC website (
  3. Every attempt should be made to train, play, and involve all players equally, regardless of sex or previous experience.
  4. No awards shall be given at the end of the season.


  1. The League Committee shall consist of one representatives from each team, plus the league administrator and the BUSC executive director. The committee will report directly to the BUSC board of Directors as needed.
  2. Ideally, each team should have an alternate representative designated to act on the behalf of an absent representative.
  3. The BUSC Executive Director shall advise the Committee and, in the case of a deadlock on an issue before the Committee, cast one vote.
  4. The League Committee shall meet at least twice each year (normally, early in the months of February and August).
    1. Each team must have a representative at each meeting.
    2. A team that is not represented must pay a $50 fine before the start of the season. If this fine is not paid before the start of the season, the team will not be allowed to play soccer for the entire season following the missed meeting.
  5. Each team representative should be aware of League policies and regulations.
  6. Upon notification to the League administrator, a team may change the identity of either or both of its representatives.
  7. A revision that affects only one division may be enacted by a vote of the representatives of the teams in that division only, unless any member of the League Committee objects, in which case representatives from all divisions vote.
  8. Representatives of prospective teams must attend the League Committee Meeting but may not vote until the team registration fee is paid.
  9. A simple majority vote is necessary in order to enact any revisions.
  10. The League Committee has final approval of all changes in the Rules.


  1. The Committee shall appoint for each calendar year persons to fill the following positions:
    1. Tournament Organizer.
    2. Disciplinary Chairperson


  1. The Disciplinary Committee consists of: the Disciplinary Chairperson; the clubs Executive Director; and a representative from the Referee community (assigned by the Executor Director), and the league administrator.
  2. The decision of the Disciplinary Committee shall be final and shall be upheld by all teams-there is no appeal process


    1. Team registration must be in to the Treasurer by the registration deadline established by the committee. Registration will consist of the following:
      1. A team fee is due and payable upon registration using gotsoccer.
      2. Team managers are responsible for collecting player waivers, proof of age documentation, and submitting a team roster to the league administrator. All players must be pre-approved by the league administrator before submitting to US club for approval. Once US Soccer approves, they will allow team managers to add the player to their gotsoccer roster. This process can easily take a few days so team managers are encouraged to submit player paper work 6 days in advance of the upcoming weekend. ONLY players PRINTED on gotsoccer rosters will be allowed to play. NO hand written names will be allowed. Players must show proof of identification to the referees at team check in before each game.
      3. Waivers:
        1. Each player will complete, sign and submit a waiver one time per calendar year. Under no circumstances will ANY player be allowed to play that has not been prior approved by the league administrator and US Club.
        2. All players must have a completed, signed waiver on file for EACH team they are registered with.
      4. Player Registration
        1. Upon initial registration with the League, each player must submit a completed, signed waiver plus proof of age which will be evidenced by a copy of a driver’s license, birth certificate, passport or any other acceptable documentary evidence of age.
        2. Team representatives are responsible for insuring that every active player has registered appropriately.
      5. A $50.00 late fee must accompany the registration materials not submitted by the deadline date. If completed paperwork and all fees are not turned in within one week after the registration deadline, the team will not be scheduled to play during that season.
      6. Maximum number on a gotsoccer game day team roster is 26. Team managers can add or delete players to reach this number if needed, once approved by the league administrator and US Club.
      7. Any person adding to a team roster after the registration deadline must submit registration materials to the league administrator. Requests to add players to rosters must be received by 9:00PM on Sunday for that player to be allowed to play the following weekend.
      8. A person who reaches “playing age” during a season is not eligible to play until his or her birthday.
      9. The roster size referred to in Subsection V. C includes those persons already eligible to play as well as persons who are on the roster, but not yet eligible to play because of rule V. E.


  1. In the Coed Premiere Division, teams shall consist of men 30 years of age or older, women 25 years of age or older. Each roster may have three men aged 25 years of age or older and three women aged 21 years of age or older.
    1. In the event that there are five or less teams identified as “Premiere”, these teams will play the majority of their games against other “Premiere” teams, with the remainder played against “Coed Division” teams.
    2. In the event that there at least six teams in the Coed “Premiere “ Division, then those six (or more) teams will complete solely against each other. Those teams in the separate Coed Premiere Division shall consist of men 25 years of age or older, women 21 years of age or older.
  2. In the Masters Division, teams shall consist of men 40 years of age or older and women 35 years of age or older. Each roster may have three men aged 37 years of age or older and three women aged 31 years of age or older
  3. In the Men’s and Women’s Divisions, teams shall consist of players 19 years of age or older. Men 18 years of age may play, only if they are not currently registered with another soccer club or school.
  4. A person registered in the Coed or Premiere Division is also eligible to register and play in either the Masters (age permitting), Men’s or Women’s Divisions.
  5. A player may transfer from one team to another within a Division of the League during the season by submitting a new waiver to the league administrator. Amended rosters must also be submitted to the league administrator.
  6. Players transferring from a dissolved team to another team must meet eligibility requirements, and submit a new waiver and amended team roster to the league administrator.
  7. Team rosters are required to show 75 percent Pleasanton residents. Pleasanton residents have priority in all matters of play or registration.
  8. Team managers & non-playing coaches, must also sign the waivers and be approved by US Club.


    1. There is a limit of 29 players eligible per team for any given League game.
    2. In the Coed Premiere, Coed and Masters Divisions, the team mix is regulated as follows.
      1. Goalie may be either sex.
      2. There can be more women players than men players.
      3. No more than five of the field players can be men.
    3. If playing conditions are good, teams must play on scheduled date or forfeit.
    4. A game that is canceled or terminated due to rain or a wet field is not rescheduled.
    5. Two 45-minute halves per game with no overtime periods or penalty kicks to break ties.
    6. In the Coed, Coed Premiere, Masters, and Women’s Divisions, unlimited substitutions are allowed on either team’s goal kick or kick off and for the team in possession of the ball on a throw-in or corner kick.
    7. In the Men’s Division, unlimited substitutions are allowed at any stoppage except an injury stoppage.
    8. At an injury stoppage, only the injured player may be substituted.
    9. Women may use arms to protect chest provided they keep their arms close to their bodies and do not direct the ball.
    10. Goalkeeper may not be charged at any time.
    11. When a goalkeeper has possession of the ball, obstruction of the goalie is not permitted. (Opposing player must stand aside.)
    12. In the Coed, Coed Premiere and Masters Divisions, women take all drop balls and penalty kicks.
    13. Intentional or aggressive sliding within playing distance of other players will be considered a cautionable offense.
    14. A cautioned player must take an automatic 10-minute “cooling off” period. A substitute, if available, may replace the cautioned player.
    15. Suspended players may play during off-season and practice games.
    16. Except for the goalkeeper, all players on a team should wear shirts of the same color. Sleeveless shirts are acceptable, but sport bras worn alone are not. Each shirt should have a number. Referees have the authority to enforce this requirement in order to identify individual players in the event of a cautionable offense or sending off.
    17. Any team that knows in advance it will be unable to field a team for a scheduled match must notify ALL League Representatives (“reply all”) 48 hours in advance. Failure to give sufficient notice will result in a $50 fine payable to BUSC before their next scheduled match.
    18. If a team cannot field 7 players within 10 minutes after the scheduled game starting time, that team forfeits the game. If agreeable to both teams, the team short players can pick up registered players from another team, so long as the total number of available players does exceed two male and two female substitutes. The game may then be played under friendly scrimmage rules but no refs will be supplied to officiate this scrimmage. The fine described in the previous subsection VI. T is waived in this case.
    19. The Referees will check player ID’s against the gotsoccer game day roster prior to the start of a match. Players arriving late must check-in with the Referee. No handwritten names will be allowed.


    1. Use of City of Pleasanton and/or school district fields is to be determined by BUSC in conjunction with the city of Pleasanton.
    2. In case of inclement weather, call the Sports Field Weather Line at 925-931-5360. Playing on wet fields is forbidden.
    3. Responsibility for determining playability of fields belongs to the City of Pleasanton.
    4. Teams must obtain league permission for practices and/or games. Get approval from the league administrator.
    5. Goal usage is controlled by BUSC, which will coordinate such use with outside


  1. Referees and linesmen shall be furnished for all League games in the manner chosen by the league and BUSC. The league reserves the right to manage this with as minimal impact as possible to other teams affected.
    1. A certified center referee and two certified linesmen shall be assigned to each game in the Coed, Coed Premiere, Masters, and Women’s Divisions. Officials will be assigned by the local association (PSRA).
    2. All officials are to be 18 years of age, or older, unless otherwise approved by the PSRA or by the league administrator.
    3. Referees shall be competent and capable of controlling a “low-key” game. The method available to qualify for referee assignment in the P.A.S.S. League is below:
    4. Certification by CYSA or other recognized soccer organization.


  • The league/BUSC will decide upon and implement any needed actions against a player, team, team rep, referee or any contributor to the league not specifically outlined in the rules in order to keep the
  • Any fine imposed in these rules or any compensation owed must be paid within 72 hours. Failure to pay will result in cancellation of that team’s games until payment is made.
  • Unless specifically noted otherwise, the FIFA standards for discipline and penalties shall prevail, whether stipulated in our literature or not.
  • To protect the concept of the League, the Disciplinary Committee will be STRICT AND FIRM.
  • The Disciplinary Chairperson will respond to any complaint of a reported rule infraction.
  1. Complaints must be submitted to the Chairperson or the league administrator
  2. A formal report or protest is not necessary. However, a written report should be submitted for serious or recurring misconduct. No appeals are granted. Decisions are final.
  • In consultation with the Referee Coordinator, the Disciplinary Committee shall interpret the rules when necessary.
  • If a team fields a player not conforming to age or registration regulations, then that game must be halted/abandoned immediately. The team that fielded a non-conforming player will be fined $250.00 (payable within 72 hours) and forfeit their next scheduled game. In addition, the team representative from that team will be suspended for five League games.
  • Any player found to be underage shall be prohibited from play for two years.
  • COMPLAINTS: When an individual or team is reported to be playing in a manner that is rough, unsportsmanlike, and/or contradictory to the concept of the League, the following actions will be taken.
  1. For the first complaint, the Disciplinary Chairperson shall warn the team (and/or the individual named) that a complaint has been made and that corrective action by the team management should be taken.
  2. On the second complaint, the team and/or individual shall be placed on probation and notified by the Disciplinary Chairperson that subsequent complaints could result in future suspension.
  3. The third complaint shall be the basis for a Disciplinary Committee action that may result in the player and/or Team Representative being suspended.
  1. Only protests for a misapplication of the laws of the game will be considered. Referee’s judgment calls and send-offs may not be protested.
  2. The protest must be in writing and received by the Disciplinary Chairperson within 72 hours after the game being protested. A $50.00 fee must accompany the appeal and be made out to P.A.S.S.. Before leaving the field, the referees must be notified.
  3. The decision of the Disciplinary Committee will be final. The decision will be forwarded to the team representatives within 48 hours.
  4. If the decision is reversed, your $50.00 fee will be returned. If not, it will be forfeited.
  1. Accumulation of three yellow cards throughout a season will result in an automatic one game suspension and probation for a 12-month period beginning from the date of the third yellow card.
  2. Any additional yellow card in the 12-month probation period will result in an automatic three game suspension.


    1. Any individual receiving a “red card” may not play the remainder of that game nor any games occurring during a minimum of three League weeks (weeks with byes or rain-outs do not count) following the ejection. The incident shall be reviewed by the Disciplinary Chairperson for possible further penalties.
    2. An ejected player must leave the playing area.
    3. Red cards, as with FIFA, are subject to appeal.
    4. More severe penalties shall be imposed for the following misconduct:
      1. Fighting — minimum suspension of five League weeks.
      2. Threatening Behavior towards an Official — minimum of one-year suspension.
      3. Pushing or Striking an Official — minimum of one year suspension and possible expulsion from the League
    5. Less severe penalties shall be imposed for any red card resulting from the following non-violent misconduct:

· Hand ball denying the opposing team a goal or an obvious goalscoring opportunity — one game suspension

· Accumulation of two yellow cards in one game, where neither card was awarded for a reckless or excessive tackle – one game suspension

  1. Multi-game or multi-week suspensions specified throughout these rules shall carry over to League weeks in the following season, if necessary.
  2. At League games, even those that are forfeited, a suspended individual may neither play, nor coach, nor disturb players or officials by words or actions.
  3. Although the referees have a primary responsibility to monitor and ensure proper conduct on the field,   it is every player’s personal responsibility to conduct himself or herself in accordance with the rules.

Field Use:

  1. There shall be a three-game suspension for any team abusing the fields in violation of League rules, e.g., playing on wet fields.
  2. The penalty shall be applied to the two teams organizing the game in violation.

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