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An Age Group Coordinator (AGC) works under the direction of the Divisional Directors and work for the BUSC Registrar. The AGCs, find house team coaches, assign players to teams; notify coaches of any changes that occur during the season, such as change of practice field/time; pass out league information, forms and awards for the teams within their age group. The Age Group Coordinator is the first point of contact regarding player problems or questions regarding the league. These persons provide specific individuals for coaches and parents to contact concerning any questions and/or problems.

Tony Chavarria – Recreation Director

2017 AGCs

Birth Year Name Email Link
2013/2012 Yvette Peterson-Frneno
2011/2010 Nanci Watson
2009/2008 Kristine Clevenger
2007-2004 Jamie Abarta
2003/2002 Jen Wilner
2001-1999 Shelly Schulz

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