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7 01, 2016

Jonas Ricke – U13 Elite 2 – Open Heart Kitchen


Ricke1Hello, my name is Jonas Ricke, I am on the U13 Elite 2 team, and I volunteered at Open Heart Kitchen in Livermore for my community service project. Children whose parents receive a low­income get lunches throughout the school week. Their other big problem, though, is the weekend, because they can’t afford lunches during it. To stop these children from going hungry over the weekend, Open Heart Kitchen distributes box lunches containing two healthy lunches to elementary and middle school students of low­income families in Dublin and Livermore every Friday during the academic year. Open heart kitchen amazingly packs and gives out over 2,000 lunches to children in this situation each week.

My dad and I drove there one afternoon and went inside. We were immediately welcomed in and started to help a group already making the lunches. My job was to bring out large boxes full of lunches to the truck waiting outside. I also got to get all of the necessary food items from the kitchens storage if the people making the lunches ran out of that specific item. My dad was also tasked with this job, but he did this the entire time. After about an hour and a half of hard work, we had finished packing the lunches.

Ricke2Before I started soccer leadership academy, my family was actually already planning to do community service with Open Heart Kitchen, and that was clarified by this class. I was slightlynervous before I went to do community service, because I had never done it before, and I was worried that it would be a bad experience. This turned out to be completely wrong because the people there were really nice, the whole place was like a real restaurant, and all of our hard work went to a good cause. I think that this was a good way to give back, and I look forward to doing it again.

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16 12, 2015

Ballistic United Soccer Club US Soccer Development Academy Players Invited to US Youth National Team Camp in Florida!!


Gilbert FuentesMax GoeggelBUSC is proud to announce that again, our players have been invited into the USYNT (US Youth National Team) Camp.Gilbert Fuentes and Max Goeggel both born in 2002 have been selected for the 2nd camp of the 2002 age group cycle.

Both players showed very well in the last USYNT camp this Fall and again at the Regional USSDA Showcase in Los Angeles in November.

“Both Gilbert and Max are both students of the game and very dedicated. More
important they are hard workers, humble and great human beings. They both are doing great in school and balance family, school and their commitment to the BUSC USSDA U14 team very well”
– Andrew Ziemer, the U14 Academy Coach

Check out the FULL ROSTER

Ballistic United is the only club outside of LA Galaxy to have 2 or more players attend.

With the following past players that makes 6 Ballistic current or former players to be invited into the USYNT in the past several years.

Adolfo Trulijo (current U16 1999 player with SJ Earthquakes)

Nico Lemoine (current U16 2000 player with DeAnza Force)

Mario Anaya (current 2001 U14 player with SJ Earthquakes)

Travian Sousa (current 2001 U14 player with BUSC)


Ballistic United Soccer Club US Soccer Development Academy Players Invited to US Youth National Team Camp in Florida!! 2016-10-21T11:41:36+00:00
14 12, 2015

Going to the dogs service project


My name is Canyon Kosch and I’m on U14 Elite 2.   For my service project, I wanted to do something for animals in need so I decided to collect items for the dogs at the East Bay SPCA Animal Shelter in Dublin.

I emailed the shelter and got a list of recommended items. I made a flyer and gave it to my soccer team. I also made flyers for my friends and relatives. People gave me items from the recommended list – toys, collars, leashes and chew toys – and also money. I used the money to buy canned food and treats. My soccer team was great! We have a lot of dog lovers and always have dogs at our games. I also went to some of the pet food stores to ask for donations. One store gave me 2 cases of holiday stuffed animals. These will be given to people who adopt pets over the holiday season. My goal was to collect $250 worth of items and I ended up collecting over $300 worth.

I delivered the items to the SPCA Shelter in Dublin and met some of the staff and volunteers. I also toured the shelter and visited the dogs waiting for adoption. Rose looked really sad in her room and I wanted to take her home. The dogs in the kennel area were very happy to see me. I got lots of licks and barks and would have taken home all of them if I could.

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14 12, 2015

Elite 1 U-12 – Shepherds Gate


Connor Dantzig, Jacob Rocha
Elite 1 U-12

            Hello our names are Connor Dantzig and Jacob Rocha and we play on the Ballistic United U12 Elite 1 Team. We organized a clothes drive to give clothes to mothers and their children in need. We decided to do this project because we felt so inspired by the work that Shepherds Gate was doing for these mothers and their children. Once we found out about this cause we had to help.

            Right after we heard about this cause and got our ideas we jumped in right away. We made informational letters stating facts about the cause and the clothes drive, and why to help and how much these mothers and children needed their help. We handed out the letters to friends. After a few days we got lots of feedback from these families stating that they proud to help the cause. Without these families our clothes drive would be nothing. With the feedback we got we mapped out the area and which houses to go to. We went to each and every house and picked up the donated clothes. We left a thank you card on the front porch on each house to say thank you for the donations and how much we appreciated their help towards the cause. After we went to each house we had about 25 garbage bags full of clothes in the back of the car.

            We drove these bags to the Shepherds Gate Livermore campus. This campus gives clothes, education, case management, medical care, parenting classes, job training and childcare to mothers and their children who are experiencing homelessness due to poverty, addiction, domestic violence and other threats. Right when we got their we were greeted by what we think was a women who went through some tough times herself and is now working at Shepherds Gate due to her inability to be online and the caution she put forth. We quickly got out of the car due to pressed time from our soccer game. We unpacked the 25 garbage bags full of clothes that mothers and children in the future would wear. The employees working there were happy to see all these clothes that would soon be given to mothers and their children.

            These mothers and their children went through a lot of hard times, and shepherds gate helps these women. We found this great cause and after donating hundreds of clothes we feel good about ourselves and felt like we have accomplished a huge goal. Without friends and family none of this would be possible. Overall we leaned a lot while doing this project. When you feel like things are tough think about these mothers and children, having to deal with the things that they have dealt with. You can also think that you can always help a problem, you can always solve a problem big or small. And that’s what we’ve done, and were proud of that, and hopefully problems such as this one will be extinct and solved.


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14 12, 2015

U12 BUSC Academy


On Sunday, November 8, 2015, several members of the U12 BUSC Academy hosted a garage sale fundraiser. For us, Kevin Aguilar, Jayden Albarran, and Mario Valdez, it was a leadership project to raise $250 for St. Jude’s Hospital. We felt it was successful because we beat our goal and raised $320!

Our idea for this project came during our first leadership meeting where we decided that we would host a garage sale at Jayden’s house. Then we told our teammates about our project. And some of them were so generous, that they also joined in with donated goods.  When we first opened, we all were working hard by telling each interested person the costs. We were doing well until 11:30 when it started to rain. So, we quickly set up canopies over the clothes, the living room/kitchen items, and the books to keep them dry. Then, it started to pour more rain, and we were worried it would impact our sales. Afterwards, we stayed out there, but little by little, people were coming to buy things. When we finished packing everything up, we counted our money, and it was a total of $320 dollars.

From this experience, we learned that if you believe you can do it, then you can. That’s because nothing is impossible. We also learned to believe in yourself because if you don’t think you can do it, it brings your whole body and mind down. Lastly, this helped us become better leaders because it built our confidence by having us talk to people we didn’t know.

Jayden Albarran, Mario Valez, & Kevin Acquilar

U12 BUSC Academy

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14 12, 2015

Valley Humane Society


We bought fabric, cut it into smaller pieces and made blankets for the kitties and puppies at the Valley Humane Society. We delivered them in person and they were very thankful for our donation. We also visited and played with the kitties and puppies and we were able to see them enjoy the blankets. We really liked doing this project because we feel like we are doing good in the community, and we really like animals.

Thanks, Luke and Kyle

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14 12, 2015

Gavin Watson – U13 Elite 1


Hello, my name is Gavin Watson, on the U-13 Elite 1 team, and for my community service project, my family and I, did a fun run for A-T disease. A-T stands for ataxia-telangiectasia, which affects a large variety of systems in the body, causing symptoms that affect health and daily living.

My family and I went to the Pleasanton sports park in the morning, and hosted a fun run. The fun run was going to raise money to find a cure for the A-T disease. My goal was $500. My family and my grandpa went over to the sports park to set up the place where you donate the money. It was raining in the morning, but luckily, it stopped raining just in time for the run. I was a little worried that some people wouldn’t show up because of the rain. But, surprisingly, almost everyone I invited showed up. The run was really fun running with my friends around the sports park. At the end of the day, I was shocked. I counted all of the money we had got, and we got over $1,000!

This project was really fun and I hope that money does something good to the cause. I really hope that scientists find a cure for the disease soon, so that a lot of kids will be really happy.


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20 11, 2015

NorCal Premier Fall 2016 Age Group Matrix


Below are the FINAL decisions by Norcal that have been sent out to all clubs. Believe me, our staff understands that many parents are confused but in reality if we focus on birth years moving forward and refrain from discussion around U8 or U10 or U14, it becomes much easier to follow and understand. No one is losing a year of youth soccer by skipping a year. It may look like that if your son goes from U10 to U12, however just focus on the fact that your son will play with and against kids born in the same birth year and everything will be fine. The chart is below:

2016 Norcal Age Group Chart

Keep in mind that for the Spring only, Norcal uses the “prior years age group designation” as when determining age groups in the spring. (i.e. Spring U10 age is Fall U11 age). So do not be confused by a spring age group chart that is circulating out in the internet space. Just focus on the chart above.
Soon you will register your son for our club placements and attend their birth year try outs. Details of our clubs February placements schedule are below. Our registration process for placements will be in place by December 1st. All placements will take place this year at Val Vista, unless bad weather forces us to a turf field location.
Feb 6/7: Placements
2009 birth year (U8) playing 5v5: 9:00-10:30am
2008 birth year (U9) playing 7v7: 9:00-10:30am
2007 birth year (U10) playing 7v7: 11:30-1:00pm
2006 birth year (U11) playing 9v9: 11:30-1:00pm
2005 birth year (U12) playing 9v9: 2:00-3:30pm
Feb 27/28: Placements
2004 birth year (U13) playing 11v11: 9:00-11:00pm
2003 birth year (U14) playing 11v11: 12:00-2:00pm
2002 birth year (U15) playing 11v11: 3:00-5:00pm
All players must register and try out in their proper birth year. As always “play up” opportunities will be determined by the technical staff on a case by case basis not upon request.
Our program summary & guidelines for each each group and level will be posted by December 15th. This will show the costs of each program, the calendar, and the coaching assignments. 
 Please reach out to the following club staff members for future inquiries:


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18 11, 2015

U16 Select takes Championship at the 2015 Harvest Class



U16 Select takes Championship at the 2015 Harvest Class

After falling to a last minute goal in third place consolation game at the Stanford tournament, the team decided to work on 3 things- possession, possession, and possession. 4 weeks passed and the boys entered the Harvest classic, playing their two local rivals- Mustang and San Ramon. The Mustang colts were the exact same team that had beaten them in the last 2 minutes of Stanford Classic, on a single goal. The boys scored two goals in rapid succession, then, after the second half, defeated Mustang 3 to 0. San Ramon was next in the afternoon, and they fell 4-0. The boys had an early 8 am game against the Clovis Crossfire, currently playing Gold level in the CCSL league. The early morning game was rough, and ended in a 1 to 1 tie. After the scores were tabulated, it turned out that they would face Clovis for the championship. Coming back, the boys were fired up, and the opposing coach complained to his team that all the BUSC passing in midfield and defense was confusing them, and that they needed to adjust. They were not able to, as the Select team scored two goals to zero in the first half. After a rocky start, Clovis managed to score a goal, and looked like they might make a comeback. The team’s new co-captain squelched that with a beautiful goal, shaking 2 defenders and the goalie to driven in the 3rd and final point. The team is now planning on their next tournament, as well as finishing strong in State cup, so wish them luck!


U16 Select takes Championship at the 2015 Harvest Class 2016-10-21T11:41:37+00:00