Gilbert FuentesMax GoeggelBUSC is proud to announce that again, our players have been invited into the USYNT (US Youth National Team) Camp.Gilbert Fuentes and Max Goeggel both born in 2002 have been selected for the 2nd camp of the 2002 age group cycle.

Both players showed very well in the last USYNT camp this Fall and again at the Regional USSDA Showcase in Los Angeles in November.

“Both Gilbert and Max are both students of the game and very dedicated. More
important they are hard workers, humble and great human beings. They both are doing great in school and balance family, school and their commitment to the BUSC USSDA U14 team very well”
– Andrew Ziemer, the U14 Academy Coach

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Ballistic United is the only club outside of LA Galaxy to have 2 or more players attend.

With the following past players that makes 6 Ballistic current or former players to be invited into the USYNT in the past several years.

Adolfo Trulijo (current U16 1999 player with SJ Earthquakes)

Nico Lemoine (current U16 2000 player with DeAnza Force)

Mario Anaya (current 2001 U14 player with SJ Earthquakes)

Travian Sousa (current 2001 U14 player with BUSC)