The Ballistic United Barcelona U10 Futsal team won the Mustang Shootout 6v6 Tournament on Sunday, December 15th. This futsal-trained group beat Walnut Creek and ABSC, and also tied Bay Oaks in the group stage. In the semi-final, they beat Walnut Creek 6-2. The final was forfeited by Bay Oaks. Guest coaches Jamil Tahir and Ricardo Aguilar led the boys. This is one of two Ballistic United futsal teams that won the title this past Sunday (U8 Futsal team was the other team).

Congratulations, boys!

Pictured from left to right: Kevin Aguilar, Eric Perez (guest keeper), Edgar Campos, Mario Valdez, Thato Meko, Tristan Lalonde, Anthony Tahir, and Geoffrey Xiang