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“Futsal had been invented in 1930 as a rainy-day training option by an Uruguayan coach. Brazilians quickly seized upon it and codified the first rules in 1936. Since then the game had spread like a virus, especially in Brazil’s crowded cities, and it quickly came to occupy a unique place in Brazilian sporting culture. Other nations played futsal, but Brazil became uniquely obsessed with it, in part because the game could be played anywhere (no small advantage in a nation where grass fields are rare). Futsal grew to command the passions of Brazilian kids in the same way that pickup basketball commands the passions of inner-city American kids. As Alex Bellos, author of Futebol: Soccer, the Brazilian Way, wrote, futsal “is regarded as the incubator of the Brazilian soul.”

– Daniel Coyle, The Talent Code



BUSC wants your son to be the best player possible. A hard surface, a condensed court, and an organized system of play will dramatically increase his ability to play the game of soccer. Futsal is the technical and tactical foundation of Brazilian and Spanish soccer. U.S. Soccer is now entering this “sweet spot” of development. Our boys couldn’t be more fortunate.

BUSC is creating “a club within a club” with the founding of BUFC or Ballistic “Bulldogs” United Futsal Club. In addition to advancing the playing skills of our players, BUSC also seeks to create a niche for boys that may simply enjoy futsal more than soccer. With its emphasis on agility, movement, and rapid decision-making, futsal will appeal to certain players. BUSC fully supports this. Fitness, fun, and friendships while kicking a round ball is still the main idea.

A major part of our vision is to actually play futsal in Pleasanton. We are in talks with different city groups about constructing courts to provide for the ground swell of interest. Indoor and outdoor courts are envisioned. From these facilities, trainings, leagues, and tournaments will all be possible. Our BUSC community of families may have a role to play, so stay tuned.