The Ballistic United MLS Next teams continue to drill individually as they get ready to hopefully soon return to playing games against elite youth soccer teams from around the country!

On October 22, the MLS Next teams ventured to Walnut Creek and the COPA Training Center for the most recent COPA Tech Tournament, where the players from the respective age groups competed against each other in 12 different events.

Following are the winners of each event, per age group! Congrats to all the boys for working hard to become better players!

Under 13-14

Jump Height: Avi Vinod; Double Leg Jumps: Henrik Liao; 30-Yard Speed Track: Avi Vinod; 10-Yard Speed Track: Josh Lang; Speed Court Tapping: Josh Lang; Random Agility: Sam Sha; Reactive Ball Control: Josh Lang; Cognitive Ball Control: Jaxon Sellar; Cube Accuracy: Jaxon Seller; Cube Speed of Play: Josh Lang; Target Finishing: Chris Pratte; Driven Ball Buckets: Avi Vinod.

Under 15-16

Jump Height: Josip Batkovic; Double Leg Jumps: Brandon Nieto; 30-yard Speed Track: Joseph Batkovic; 10-yard Speed Track: Akash Poola; Tapping: Brian Garcia; Radom Agility: Sam Fomin; Reactive Ball Control: Ilya Alekseev; Cognitive Ball Control: Brandon Nieto; Cube Accuracy: Thorben Gross-Perez; Cube Speed of Play: Manny Portillo; Target Finishing: Keegan Monnier; Driven Ball Bucket: Ali Elmaasnaouy.

Under 17-19

Jump Height: Andy Gill; Double Legs Jumps: Ethan Kerrigan; 30-yard Speed Track: Troy Ortega; 10-yard Speed Track: Troy Ortega; Tapping: Adam Chapman; Run Agility: Jensen McMillian; Reactive Ball Control: Connor Shearer; Cognitive Ball Control: Jensen McMillian; Cube Accuracy: Thomas Camier; Cube Speed of Play: Adrian Denoncourt; Target Finishing: Ezrah Serrald; Driven Ball Bucket: Gael Navarro.