gold-logo114BUSC Players Invited to NorCal IDP Trips in Mexico and San Diego

Over the past several months NorCal Premier IDP Program has been evaluating the top players throughout Northern California for trips to Mexico and San Diego.

The Mexico Trip is for the top 2001 players who will travel to Mexico for 10 days and play against Professional Academy teams Atlas FC, Universidad de Guadalajara (UdG) and Corica League All Star team (the best players in the Guadalajara region).

 Ballistic United is proud to announce that the following players have been selected for the Mexico Trip.

  • Stuart Ritchie – plays #3 or #4
  • Colin Travasos – plays #1
  • Brendon Foster – plays #6, #8 or #10
  • Gilbert Fuentes – plays #6, #10 or #9
  • Travian Sousa – plays #5 or #11

All 5 players play on the BUSC USDA U14 Academy team. 

We wish them the best of luck on the trip.

Ballistic United had the following players selected for the San Diego Surf Cup Trip

The San Diego trip is for  the top 2002 players and they will play in the U14 Super Group of the San Diego Surf Cup.

  • Erik Moore – plays #1
  • Max Goeggel – plays #6 or #10

Erik is DP for the BUSC U14 USDA Academy and Max will be joining the U14 Academy team next season.