Caleb Hilton – U12 Premier – Kids Against Hunger

//Caleb Hilton – U12 Premier – Kids Against Hunger

Caleb Hilton – U12 Premier – Kids Against Hunger


Hello, my name is Caleb Hilton and I am on the U-12 Premier Team. For my community service project that I had to do for the BUSC leadership class, I chose to organize a group to pack meals at Kids Against Hunger (KAH) on December 7th.

My family and I went to KAH and got set up with hairnets and aprons, as did everyone else who came. When we got there, they showed us a video about the Haitians that we were going to feed and that what we gave them would most likely be their only meal of the day. That made me want to do it more. They also gave us a sample of what we were giving to them, and it was actually pretty good!

Most of the people who I invited came, and all of them had fun. My goal was to have between 15 and 20 participants, but 34 people actually came. Participants included several players from my Ballistic team, as well as from my younger brother’s team. Several Boy Scouts that I know from school also came, and a family we didn’t know came because they saw our event on the KAH website.

To get the right amount of food in each bag each person needed a job to do. First, you put in the soy, second, you put in the vegetables, third, you put in the vitamins, and last, you put in the rice. I think that people had fun because we made it into a contest where you had to get the bag the right amount of grams on 1 try. I think that my “team” won with 5 in a row.

I did not have a goal of how many people we would feed, but in the end we packaged enough meals to feed 5,184 people who live in Haiti. Some things that people told my parents and I after are:

  1. Most families either texted or told us face to face that that if we do it again, they wanted to be invited, and told their families all the details.
  2. My brothers asked when they could do it again.

I am glad that I did this project. Not only was it a lot of fun, but it also felt really good to know that we were making a real difference. I am grateful for everyone who was there, because without them, I wouldn’t have been able to do it. This project helped me learn that, just like on the soccer field, it takes effort from the entire team to be successful.