Competitive Kickoff Age Group Training Camps

Below is a resend of the messaging from late last week. Two addl important pieces of info:

1) If your player’s sessions are at Sports Park, you will go to Val Vista to check in the first day he attends. He will check in and receive a pinnie there. Please do not arrive earlier than 45 minutes prior to your son’s session, but plan on checking in in time to arrive for training at the start time provided.

2) In order to help smooth out the placement process, we have reworded our question about team placement preference. Please take a moment today if possible to log back into League Apps and on your dashboard:

     a) Click on Edit Registration Settings in the row of your 2020-21 Competitive Soccer Registration 

     b) Choose your preference on the TEAM PREF QUESTION. Do this even if you answered the previous question about interest in    the Select program.

Previously Sent Message Starts Here

BUSC Families,

We are working hard behind the scenes to do all we can to get the players back to the field! Please read this entire message closely, as it contains critical information for our return to play for competitive families and families interested in joining BUSC’s competitive program.

We understand there has been some confusion about the various camps going on–To be clear about programs we are currently running;

  1. By Thursday 7/9 we will have wrapped up three weeks of the Spring Token Credit Camps that were for players from our competitive teams from Spring 2020
  2. We will have our BUSC/Rage Summer Camp in the mornings (details for this camp will be sent directly to those that registered). This is largely a recreational camp though comp players sometimes attend.
  3. On July 13th we will kick off “Age Group Training Camps” in the afternoons/evenings for ALL COMP Players and new families interested in joining BUSC’s competitive program (details below). This begins our 2020-21 competitive season. Players should plan to attend all sessions of the camp, as it provides coaches the greatest amount of time to observe skills.

The last three weeks of Token Camps have been a success, and we are confident in our processes and procedures for the upcoming camps.

Competitive Kick-Off Camps

Starting next week, from July 13th-July 26th we will start our competitive program with programming Age Group Training Camps. This will kick off our 2020-21 seasonal year. We will be evaluating returning and new players during these camps, including returners, rec players looking to move to competitive soccer and players new to BUSC. Team placements will be made during these first two weeks back in order for us to roster and register players for the season. 

Players will need to bring their own water bottle, soccer ball, and tennis shoes. NO CLEATS PLEASE–TENNIS SHOES ONLY AT BOTH SITES. Masks are required whenever a player is not inside his own designated area for training.

Safety Protocol

We will need to follow the modified guidelines found here;

Age Group Training Camp Protocol


ALL players will check in at Val Vista before the first session they attend, whenever that session occurs. This includes players whose sessions are at Ken Mercer Sports Park. For subsequent sessions, players can report directly to their assigned field and coach. 

At initial check-in, players will be marked as attending AND will receive either a pinnie or a bib with safety pins to put on their shirt. He will also receive his field/coach assignment. It is important he remember the name of the coach he is given so once on the field, he can be directed to the correct group. If your child receives a bib, please plan on helping him attach it to the BACK of his shirt. After he has his pinnie/bib on, he should proceed to his assigned field and coach. PLAYERS WILL KEEP THEIR PINNIE OR BIB THE ENTIRE TWO WEEKS and should wear them EVERY session. These will be returned after their final session.

Please note that per COVID protocol, players cannot be moved from group to group as has happened in previous years. For this reason, you will see multiple coaches viewing different groups while practicing good social distancing.

Players Not Attending All Sessions

If your player does not intend to attend all sessions for his age group, he should inform his assigned coach at his first session as to which dates he will miss. This is not advisable but sometimes we understand it cannot be avoided.

Maps for Dropoff/Check-In

The Map for Drop Off/Check In for both Val Vista and Ken Mercer Sports Park can be found below. Remember ALL players check-in their first session at Val Vista. After attending and checking in one time, players will just report to their assigned field and coaches each session.

Required Waiver

In order to participate, the below waiver is REQUIRED. If your child participated in one of our spring token camps during the past three weeks and completed a waiver for that, you do not need to complete again. If you have multiple players, you should complete one for each player.

Please complete this asap in order to prevent delays during check-in.

Schedule by Birth Year

Thank you for your attention and we look forward to seeing you on the field!

BUSC Staff

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