10 01, 2017

U14 Premier – Fundraiser for BUSC Scholarship Fund

Charley and Edgar – U14 Premier – Fundraiser for BUSC Scholarship Fund

Hello, our names are Charley Jetter and Edgar Campos from the U14 Premier team. For our leadership project, we raised money for the Ballistic Scholarship Fund. Our goal was $250.

To raise this money, we decided to sell things that you might find at a snack shack, such as gatorade, water, chips, bars, and donuts. We went to Costco to get these supplies.

Soon after, we got some teammates to help and met at the sports park to set up and sell. We had both a table and a wagon to sell items. After three hours of selling on the first day, we reached $170 profit. So we decided to go another day to reach our goal.

The next day, we went to Patelco and sold just from a table. After a couple of hours, we passed our goal and made $258.50 profit to donate.

From this experience, we learned that a lot of good can be done from just a few of hours of work. We really appreciated help from our teammates, had fun, and felt good about donating to a good cause. We hope that this story will inspire you to help others also.

2 01, 2017

Help Clean Up The Sports Park – U15 Elite 2

u15-elite2For my service project I decided to help clean up the sports park. First my mom and I searched for a date that was a good time to do this project. Then I compiled a list of all the items I would need to put this into action. Then my mom and I wrote and sent the invite to friends and teammates. Unfortunately only 1 teammate showed up, but we still got lots of work done. we wanted to clean up the sports park but it was closed last minute, so we cleaned up val vista instead. In conclusion we cleaned up the park very well, and I am glad that I  choose to clean up the park.  – Jeffery, Derek, Brenden,Jonah

2 01, 2017


Matthew Salas – U13 US Developmental Academy

For my community service project I collected coats, sweaters and scarfs, and donated them to the Davis Street Family Resource Center, in San leandro. I thought that this was a good deed to do, because I wanted to give people things that they do not have.  The weather had been very cold, close to 35 degrees and some people needed winter clothes.  At first, I was hesitant to do presentations to my relatives, but then I pictured all the people that would be happy and thankful for the coats and sweaters that they would receive. I got the courage to do a presentation to all of my relatives either in person or over the phone.  I  asked if they had any spare winter clothes that they would like to donate for a special cause.  I scheduled times to go to their houses and collect coats, gloves, scarfs and sweaters from my relatives that would help other people. I collected over 30 items of winter clothes from my uncles, aunts, cousins, and parents.

When I went to the Davis Street Family Center,  I saw a lot of items being donated such as food, clothes and toys. I was truly amazed!  I took the winter clothes to the warehouse where all the items were being collected and given to the people who needed it the most. I felt really good that I was able to help people and give back to the community. Especially in this time of the year where it is very cold.

I understand how leadership ties in with community services, because you have to organize everthing. Just like in soccer, you make sure your team is ready for a game and have them organized. You become a leader when you do all of this.

2 01, 2017

Soccer Without Borders Donations

Hello my name is Noah Nguyen and I collected donations from our team and donated it to an organization called Soccer Without Borders. Soccer Without Borders is an organization that gives local refuges opportunities for soccer. I sent out an email to my team saying that I will hold donations of any kind of gear, like cleats, futsal shoes, and clothing, for two weeks. I collected the gear at practices and brought a donation bin and lots of bags to collect them in. Every practice I got tons of gear and it felt amazing because of how much gear we collected over only one team. We received 45 pairs of cleats and futsal shoes, a ball, and clothing such as jackets and jerseys. I was so jubilant to see this many donations and the refuges will benefit too. Soccer Without Borders was very grateful for our donations, Because of the drive we donated tons of gear for the local refugees to use and wear.

2 01, 2017

SPCA Donation


Hello our names are Ben Harbourne, and Derek Zhang and our project was to donate money to the East Bay SPCA in Dublin.

We set up a small area in which we sold cookies, cupcakes, and brownies and other things. All of the money earned from the Bake Sale was sent towards the SPCA and was used for helping out the animals that live there. We were surprised about how much people were willing to give and how much of a difference the things like we did can help. The people who ran SPCA were very thankful for our donation and we got to also check out the animals overall this was a wonderful learning experience for us and our team.


20 12, 2016

Money Project – U13 Elite 1

Hello our names are Daniel Vasilyev, Petar Bilkic, Jake Clevenger, and Miles Newsham, and we raised money for the East Bay SPCA.

We had a  tent during state cup games where we kept all of our items. We sold  Gatorade, cookies, and  Brownies. We had signs around the tent saying what we had to sell, we were using the money to donate to SPCA an animal shelter.We sold the items in two different ways. One way was people coming up to the tent and buying them from the tent, or we had a delivery system. We would come up to a person and take their order, and we would bring it back to them, so they wouldn’t have to miss their child’s or grandchilds game. We would come up to people and take their orders and bring it to them ourselves.

We donated the money to the East Bay SPCA. They were very grateful for the donation. Because of the sale we were able to raise $239.



18 12, 2016

Emerald Glen Park Clean Up

emerald-glen2Hi, my name is Sid Wani. I play for Ballistic United U-14 Select.

My Leadership project was based on cleaning up the Emerald Glen Park in Dublin and helping keep our communities clean and making sure everyone is able to enjoy themselves in a hygienic environment. This was important to me because this is a really popular park in my city and everyone comes here to have fun. But when some kids or adults walk and play, they leave a lot of trash around. It sometimes stinks and is really bad to have around. A problem to this Earth is pollution and we as a community must clean up the Earth if we want to preserve it. Some people believe that one person wont make a difference, so why should we clean up? I think that every thing counts and if we want to live in a place that is clean and a nice area to just generally be in, everyone must take part in helping.

This project changed a lot over time. In the earlier stages, I had a teammate to work with, and our plan was to have a raffle ticket sale to help a certain cause, which was cancer. We had decided to go to a park and sell tickets for prizes that we would give to the winners. Over time, we were never able to find a good date to do the project. Also the organizations that I talked to wouldn’t respond to my follow up calls and kind of disregarded me. So we changed the idea and decided to clean up a park. Unfortunately we couldn’t find a date to agree on, and finally I suggested we split into our own paths.

emerald-glen1I ended up in Emerald Glen Park, where I went around the park picking up trash with a grabbing claw. I saw that the skate park was the most trashed place with food, drinks, and other items. The area was really bad in terms of garbage. What I learned from this was that the millennials/teenagers are becoming careless, lazy and running away from their responsibility. But two hours later, I had gone through the entire park, cleaned up whatever I had seen, and gotten a few “good jobs” from passerby’s along the way.

Honestly, I had looked at this project as necessary work, but it made me feel really good inside after the job was done to see how the park had changed after I arrived. It just goes to show, one person can really make a difference! This was really important because I was helping my community, cleaning up other’s trash, and promoting people to do good.

7 01, 2016

Caleb Hilton – U12 Premier – Kids Against Hunger


Hello, my name is Caleb Hilton and I am on the U-12 Premier Team. For my community service project that I had to do for the BUSC leadership class, I chose to organize a group to pack meals at Kids Against Hunger (KAH) on December 7th.

My family and I went to KAH and got set up with hairnets and aprons, as did everyone else who came. When we got there, they showed us a video about the Haitians that we were going to feed and that what we gave them would most likely be their only meal of the day. That made me want to do it more. They also gave us a sample of what we were giving to them, and it was actually pretty good!

Most of the people who I invited came, and all of them had fun. My goal was to have between 15 and 20 participants, but 34 people actually came. Participants included several players from my Ballistic team, as well as from my younger brother’s team. Several Boy Scouts that I know from school also came, and a family we didn’t know came because they saw our event on the KAH website.

To get the right amount of food in each bag each person needed a job to do. First, you put in the soy, second, you put in the vegetables, third, you put in the vitamins, and last, you put in the rice. I think that people had fun because we made it into a contest where you had to get the bag the right amount of grams on 1 try. I think that my “team” won with 5 in a row.

I did not have a goal of how many people we would feed, but in the end we packaged enough meals to feed 5,184 people who live in Haiti. Some things that people told my parents and I after are:

  1. Most families either texted or told us face to face that that if we do it again, they wanted to be invited, and told their families all the details.
  2. My brothers asked when they could do it again.

I am glad that I did this project. Not only was it a lot of fun, but it also felt really good to know that we were making a real difference. I am grateful for everyone who was there, because without them, I wouldn’t have been able to do it. This project helped me learn that, just like on the soccer field, it takes effort from the entire team to be successful.


7 01, 2016

Jonas Ricke – U13 Elite 2 – Open Heart Kitchen

Ricke1Hello, my name is Jonas Ricke, I am on the U13 Elite 2 team, and I volunteered at Open Heart Kitchen in Livermore for my community service project. Children whose parents receive a low­income get lunches throughout the school week. Their other big problem, though, is the weekend, because they can’t afford lunches during it. To stop these children from going hungry over the weekend, Open Heart Kitchen distributes box lunches containing two healthy lunches to elementary and middle school students of low­income families in Dublin and Livermore every Friday during the academic year. Open heart kitchen amazingly packs and gives out over 2,000 lunches to children in this situation each week.

My dad and I drove there one afternoon and went inside. We were immediately welcomed in and started to help a group already making the lunches. My job was to bring out large boxes full of lunches to the truck waiting outside. I also got to get all of the necessary food items from the kitchens storage if the people making the lunches ran out of that specific item. My dad was also tasked with this job, but he did this the entire time. After about an hour and a half of hard work, we had finished packing the lunches.

Ricke2Before I started soccer leadership academy, my family was actually already planning to do community service with Open Heart Kitchen, and that was clarified by this class. I was slightlynervous before I went to do community service, because I had never done it before, and I was worried that it would be a bad experience. This turned out to be completely wrong because the people there were really nice, the whole place was like a real restaurant, and all of our hard work went to a good cause. I think that this was a good way to give back, and I look forward to doing it again.