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16 12, 2015

Ballistic United Soccer Club US Soccer Development Academy Players Invited to US Youth National Team Camp in Florida!!

Gilbert FuentesMax GoeggelBUSC is proud to announce that again, our players have been invited into the USYNT (US Youth National Team) Camp.Gilbert Fuentes and Max Goeggel both born in 2002 have been selected for the 2nd camp of the 2002 age group cycle.

Both players showed very well in the last USYNT camp this Fall and again at the Regional USSDA Showcase in Los Angeles in November.

“Both Gilbert and Max are both students of the game and very dedicated. More
important they are hard workers, humble and great human beings. They both are doing great in school and balance family, school and their commitment to the BUSC USSDA U14 team very well”
– Andrew Ziemer, the U14 Academy Coach

Check out the FULL ROSTER

Ballistic United is the only club outside of LA Galaxy to have 2 or more players attend.

With the following past players that makes 6 Ballistic current or former players to be invited into the USYNT in the past several years.

Adolfo Trulijo (current U16 1999 player with SJ Earthquakes)

Nico Lemoine (current U16 2000 player with DeAnza Force)

Mario Anaya (current 2001 U14 player with SJ Earthquakes)

Travian Sousa (current 2001 U14 player with BUSC)


11 11, 2015

Ballistic United – US Development U14 Academy has a great performance in Los Angeles Showcase

Saturday, November 7

Ballistic United 2 -­ Arsenal FC 1 (50 minute game)

Ballistic United 2 -­ Arsenal FC 1 (50 minute game)Ballistic started fast and dominated possession in the first of two 50 minute games on Day 1 of the Showcase at Stub Hub in Carson, CA. Playing in the club wide 1:4:3:3 System and mostly in the half of the opponent, Ballistic went up 2-­‐0 on two beautiful goals by Antonio Sanchez in the 6th and 9th minute after great passing and combination play from the whole team. Shortly after the 2nd goal, Antonio missed the chance for a hat trick after the Arsenal FC keeper denied him on a penalty kick. Shortly after halftime, Arsenal scored on a counter attack to make it 2-­‐1. Despite attacking for the entire second half, Ballistic could not quite find the 3rd goal and finished the game with the victory. 

Game Report Link : mId=1400344

Starting Line-­ up #1 – Matt Muaddi ,#2 – Nick Barrera,#3 – Luka Kolomejec,#4 – Kamran Matin, #5 – Jacob Akanyirige,#6 – Nolan Jetter,#7 – Jairo Barajas,#8 – Antonio Sanchez, #9 – David Meija, #10 – Jack Ferris,#11 – Stuart Ritchie

Half time substitutions : Out – Jairo B, Nick B, Kamran M, Stuart R, In – Brendon Foster, Travian Sousa, Max Goeggel, Gilbert Fuentes

Ballistic United 2 -­ Irvine Strikers FC 1 (50 minute game)

Irvine Strikers coached by Andrew May, former coach at Chivas USA Academy, played a similar style to Ballistic. Irvine came out playing high pressure which caused some issues for Ballistic in the build up and possession game. In the 3rd minute Travian Sousa struck for the 1st goal. Despite losing the ball several times in our own half, Ballistic continued to look for solutions to beat the high press and stayed true to the game plan. Jairo Barajas scored in the 19th minute to make it 2-­‐ 0 and Irvine made it 2-­‐1 in minute 24 right before half.
The 2nd half was a battle with both teams playing possession and high pressure soccer. Neither team was able to capitalize and the game ended 2-­‐1.

Game Report Link : mId=1400344

Starting Line-­ up #1 – Matt Muaddi ,#2 – Nick Barrera,#3 – Luka Kolomejec,#4 – Kamran Matin #5 – Stuart Ritchie,#6 – Brendon Foster,#7 – Jack Ferris,#8 – Max Goeggel,#9 – Jairo Barrajas,#10 – Gilbert Fuentes,#11 – Travian Sousa Half time substitutions : Out – Jack F, Luka K, Nick B, In – Nolan J, David M, Jacob A. – Antonio Sanchez-­‐sick 

Ballistic United 4 -­ Golden State FC 3 (80 minute game)

Ballistic United 4 -­ Golden State FC 3 (80 minute game)The final game of the weekend started at a very fast pace with Golden State pressuring Ballistic in the build up. Despite BUSC dominating possession and switching play, Golden State had a very good counter attack and scored in the 2nd and 15th minutes as Ballistic lost the ball and Irvine got in behind the defense with long balls. The Ballistic players remained calm as they had the majority of possession and turned it up a notch and scored the 2-­‐1 from a free kick from Gilbert Fuentes in the 24th minute and equalized in minute 30 from Jairo Barajas. Shortly before half, Travian Sousa was taken down in the box and Kamran Matin shot the penalty hard and perfect in the corner, only to be denied by the Golden State keeper. Golden State was very tired from chasing the ball and Ballistic was attacking non stop. Golden State was saved by the half time whistle.

At halftime, Ballistic brought in 4 fresh players and played the best 40 minutes of the season. In minute 60 Gilbert Fuentes scored and the team was attacking and creating chance after chance, but the Golden State keeper was making save after save. The risk of playing most of the game in the half of the opponent and sending 7-­‐8 players forward is there is a lot of space behind the defense. Golden State had not created any chances, but in minute 75 Ballistic lost the ball and suffered a counter attack goal to make it 3-­‐3. After dominating and playing so well, a draw would have not been justified and again the boys turned it up a notch. In the 80th minute, Max Goeggel beat his man on the edge of the box and fired a left footed shot which was deflected in behind the Golden State defense. David Meija reacted fast, pounced on the ball and sent a perfect cross into Gilbert Fuentes who completed his hat trick to go ahead 4-­‐3. A minute later, the game was over and Ballistic had deservedly completed a undefeated weekend.

Game Report Link: mId=1400344

Starting Line-­ up #1 – Matt Muaddi ,#2 – Nick Barrera,#3 – Kamran Matin,#4 – Stuart Ritchie,#5 – Antonio Sanchez,#6 – Brendon Foster,#7 – Jack Ferris,#8 – Max Goeggel,#9 – Jairo Barrajas,#10 – Gilbert Fuentes,#11 – Travian Sousa Half time substitutions : Out – Jack F, Kamran M, Antonio S, Jairo B. In – Nolan J, Luka K, Jacob A, David M. 

USDA Showcase Summary

Ballistic UnitedBallistic travelled with only 15 players and everyone played at least 2/3 of the time The weekend was a success for every player. The US Youth National team scouts were at every game and many players impressed the scouts. Travian Sousa (2001), Max Goeggel and Gilbert Fuentes (both 2002) have been in the U14 and U15 National team pools and hopefully after this weekend, they and other players will get a look in the upcoming Youth National Team Camp.

The back 6 -­‐ goalkeeper and back 5 (Matt M, Nick B, Jacob A, Luka K, Kamran M, Stuart R, Antonio S, Brendon F, Nolan J)did a great job in defending, building up , keeping possession as well as joining in the attack. The attacking 5 positions (Max G, Gilbert F, David M, Jack F, Jairo H, Travian S) linked the back, kept possession, created chances and pressured high up the pitch. Ballistic demands that every player is multi functional and plays more than one position throughout the season and many of the above mentioned players shared time between the back 6 and attacking 5 during the weekend.

Travelling and spending time together was great for team building and Ballistic hopes to build on this great weekend in their final two games of the Fall season vs Juventus and San Jose Earthquakes. Academy Schedule and Results Link : NA==