Anthony Maddalon
2003 Select

Playing soccer with my friends from the time I was 5 years old until current day brings me much joy.  I have so many memories of traveling to tournaments, hanging with my friends and families of our soccer team,  and the excitement and nervousness I had before each game.  That is what I love about soccer.  I’d like to bring this to BUSC.  I grew up in Danville playing Al Caffodio for the Mustangs, then four years of high school soccer at Monte Vista High School and then intramural soccer at the University of Arizona.  Today I currently play indoor twice a week and occasionally a pickup game down at a local park in Pleasanton.  I’ve coached many of my children’s teams throughout the years including my daughter’s Rage soccer team.  I understand the importance of training the technically and strategic aspects of the game while keeping it fun.  Soccer is a sport you can play for your life time and I’d like the opportunity to coach your child, and instill in them the joy of soccer.