College Advisory Program (CAP)

AIM: To help every BUSC player who strives to play collegiate soccer to successfully fulfill this dream


The desire to successfully play any level of collegiate soccer is a huge undertaking! All the interested parties must work together and the roles of each participant must be clearly understood. This project requires a lot of coordinated activity but it can simultaneously be a lot of fun! The project should be looked at like a 2-4 year high school project, depending on when you begin, that is closely monitored, clearly scheduled, and continually re-evaluated. Our club staff, lead by BUSC College advisor Andy Cumbo will help guide and monitor each family in their sons pursuit to play college soccer.


College Advisor, Andy Cumbo

Coach Andy has been a head coach at NCAA Division II Head Coach for 15 years at Humboldt State and Cal State East Bay and is currently the men’s head coach at Las Positas Junior College. Coach Cumbo has also been a head coach at BUSC having coached our U17 & U18 Premier teams. He has spent the past 16 years heavily involved in college soccer and the recruiting process. Coach Cumbo’s experience and his personal desire to see every BUSC player who chooses to become a collegiate student-athlete is a winning combination!  “Being a college student-athlete is a very special and rewarding experience.  There are so many programs and levels throughout our country; there really is a place for everyone.  I cherish the opportunity I had and look forward to making that dream a reality for our players at Ballistic.”


Next Steps:

The next step is to “opt” into our Club’s College Advisory Program by completing the CAP Contract to the right. Our Club’s college advisor, Andy Cumbo, will be notified you are joining and will soon reach out to you to start the journey. Families will be instructed to use CollegeFitFinder’s research, communication and filtering tool. A player may choose to join our college advisory program at any time. As part of the registration process, parents and players will be required to electronically sign the Player, parent, & club responsibility contract. This contract clearly states the key roles for each party throughout the college planning and recruiting process.


Optional Fee-Based Services Available

In order to help facilitate further some of the work and planning that is required during the college planning and recruitment process, BUSC partners with companies that have a proven track record of helping guide parents and players. In addition to working with Coach Cumbo, parents and families are able to sign up for the programs listed below. Parents may also choose to join these programs at any time during the year.

  • iSoccerPath:  For as little as $20 per month, iSoccer path will provide additional support and services to help families and BUSC find the right college fit and experience for your son. The details of the additional services provided by iSoccerpath can be found here.
  • Big Eye Video: Our partner can either film the games or can provide the editing of games previously filmed by either the club or the family. If the film is provided, it is $50 per hour to find clips, cut, arranges, and produces a professional highlight reel. On average it takes about 4 games of footage to make a 3-minute video.  In that case the price is $200 – 4 hours of work. If the family require additional games filmed there is an additional cost of $150 per game. These additional costs can be offset by having multiple players on same team pitch in to share the financial burden. If interested contact Scott Mayo at or 925-321-6532.

College Advisor

Kevin Crow

Key Partners


iSoccerpath-CEO Jeff Jaye: Our club has partnered with iSoccerpath for families who choose a more personalized and higher level program than the club can offer. iSoccerpath hosts our annual College information night and can be your Bridge from Club Soccer to College Student Athlete, iSoccerPath is a unique program for players and their parents, run by current and former college soccer parents. We counsel parents and players over the course of their high school years to best position them to become a student athlete at the college level. There is no other comprehensive service in the USA that has the proven success offered by iSoccerPath’s staff for you and your future student-athlete.


Big Eye Video-Scott Mayo: Our club has partnered with Scott Mayo at to provide parents and their sons professional quality filing and editing to help build the 3 minute high light reel for each player. As part of every player’s club program fees, BUSC films two games each year. These games can be edited by Big Eye Video and condensed down to a 3-minute high light reel for each player or the family can hire Big Eye Video to film additional games.


CollegeFitFinder-Greg Allen & Brad Friedel: Our club has partnered with CollegeFitFinder, a technology, research, filtering, and communication software company. BUSC players, beginning as early as the U14 age group, are provided a FREE password/username access to create their own personalized college-recruiting plan. The player can build their own player profile page, upload-personalized video, and research schools across the US that fit their personal college criteria. Universities can be sorted by region, size, degrees, success of soccer program, costs, and much more…Players can email and track communication with each college coach that they are hopeful to play for in the coming years.

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