Travel Fees

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    BUSC Travel 2020-21 Fees

AGEBirth YearReg FeeProgram FeesTOTAL
Select (U9 and Up)2011-2009$390$955$1,345
U8 YDP2013$390$1,010$1,400
U9-U10 Premier/Elite2012-2011$390$1,575$1,965
U11 Premier2010$390$1,780$2,170
U11 Elite2010$390$1,755$2,145
U12 Premier2009$390$1,780$2,170
U12 Elite2009$390$1,755$2,145
U13 Premier/Elite2008$390$1,935$2,325
U14-U16 Premier2007-2005$390$2,090$2,480
U14-U16 Elite2007-2005$390$2,065$2,455
U17-U19 Premier2004-2002$390$2,245$2,635
U17-U19 Elite2004-2002$390$2,220$2,610
U13-U19 MLS NeXt2008-2002$390$3,020$3,410

Additional Costs Beyond Program Fees:

Premier/Elite, YDP, and Select players will all incur the below costs, though there is some variability in uniform costs, depending on whether you purchase optional items such as warm-ups or bags, as well as in team costs.

  • Club Registration (paid online to Club during registration–$390);
  • Uniforms (paid directly to SoccerPro during online uniform ordering–$150-$300);
  • Team Fees (varies, paid directly to team manager, est. $350-$375**).

**2013 (U8) Team Fees are significantly less, usually around $100. Select Team Fees may potentially be slightly less, depending on tournament participation.

Fees include two $25 pre-paid raffle tickets for a grand prize car or cash to be drawn at the Orange & Gold Gala in the Fall. Each player will receive two raffle tickets at the start of the season, which can then be sold or the family can enter themselves in the raffle (pre-paid). Additional tickets will be available to sell in order to win great incentive prizes!

A $50 volunteer fee is included in your registration, as well as the fundraising raffle pre-pay cost above. To receive a refund of the volunteer fee, watch for volunteer opportunities through the Club (assisting at tournaments, etc.). There are many opportunities throughout the year.