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Every month there seems to be plenty of club activity to discuss to keep our membership apprised of the ongoing programs and events surrounding the club. Before I update everyone, I would like to thank all of the many volunteers who continually step up and support our efforts year round! Without your continued support we would not be able to continue raise the bar on current programs and add programs during the year.

September tends to be the month where players, parents, and coaches are all able to fall into a weekly routine of school academics, training, and games. After a handful of games, teams get a general sense of where they stand in their competitive matches. Winning and losing is a part of the sports experience! Watching teams and players develop from one month to the next is one of the true joys I get to experience every year. Big improvements from spring to summer and from September to October happen each year and it’s fun to witness. Although in some ways it seems like we just began the fall season, before our next newsletter the U15-19 age groups will take a club break to participate in their high school soccer programs.

Club Events in September and October

Our club’s Frans Hoek partnership enters its 2nd year of a 3-year deal. Frans will be visiting the club for his 6th scheduled 5-day visit in October. The focus of this trip will be to finalize the club’s curriculum, player profiles, re-start and warm-up philosophy, club technical glossary, technical club policies, and team periodization. We will then be reviewing and auditing the teams, players, and coaches during January-May against these benchmarks and adjusting expectations up or down for the coming new season.

In September, the club hosted its Fall Harvest tournament for the bronze and copper level teams. Over 60 teams ages U9-19 participated. The event ran smoothly, teams enjoyed their experience, and there were no significant injuries. This past weekend, we held our 4th annual Orange & Gold Gala at Barone’s! Our club partners with the Rage with the goal of raising money for both clubs, building club camaraderie, and watching our memberships support one another.  This year, both clubs created their 1st Car Raffle. Membership purchased and sold $25 raffle tickets in the hope of securing either a Hyundai Santa Fe or $20,000 in cash!

Upcoming 5K Fun Run

We are excited to announce, in partnership with Gene’s Fine Foods, our club’s first “Gene’s 5k Fun Run.” The event will take place on Sunday November 4th with participants running a course at the Pleasanton Sports Park.  Membership will be receiving more detailed information regarding this fun event.

Board of Directors: Hello, Goodbye, and a BOD Opening

Our club would like to welcome our newest board member, Michael Nieto, who will oversee the club’s US Soccer Development Academy. Mike is a local Pleasanton native, played in Ballistic, played Division 1 soccer at Cal-Berkeley, and concluded his playing career with the SF based Greek Americans. His son currently plays in the club’s USSDA as well. Professionally, he has spent the last 20 years in the Bay Area’s technology industry.

Our club would like to thank Ben Castro who has served on our board as the club’s marketing member and for the past few years as the club’s recreational board representative, for his efforts to help improve the club’s messaging, communication, and overall recreational player experience. The club will be hosting an appreciation night for recreational coaches on Thursday, October 18th at McKay’s. This would be a great opportunity to come thank Ben in person. If you have any recommendations to the board for the vacant recreation board role, please let us know.

Everyone In!

All of our club’s divisions including our adult co-ed league, US Soccer Development Academy, competitive, recreational, and futsal divisions are in full swing. Our membership is over 1,400 strong, not including the 400 plus adult co-ed players. As we attend our sons’ competitive matches, let’s ALL keep in mind it’s all about the players in the end. Mistakes will happen by all involved every week including players, coaches, and referees. Let’s cheer and support at all times and try not coach or criticize from the sidelines. Coaches will do their best to guide their teams, referees will do their best to keep matches played within the rules of the game, and players will do their best to please their coach, their teammates, and their parents!

As always, please reach out to the club if you have any questions or concerns!

Kevin Crow

Executive Director

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