Kicking Off a New Season: A Note from ED, Kevin Crow

Our club held our popular “kick-off the season parade” early this year, due to the local school district calendar moving forward this fall. The club parade has been a tradition that I hope our membership never allows to go away. I am aware that leading up to that day as the adults in the equation we are not jumping up and down about getting up at 6:00am on a Saturday morning, however, when you see the kids lining up all dressed up in their costumes, standing behind their banners, and the smile on their faces, we quickly forget about that early wake up and realize what it’s all about-the kids! So thank you to everyone who participated this year and to those who have participated in prior years. It’s a great local tradition that must keep going year after year!

We returned from club break in the middle of July and quickly jumped into a combination of team training, team camps, and our clubs Summer Classic.  For over 10 years, we have been privileged to have our partnership with Frans Hoek provide our players and our coaches with an opportunity to listen and learn from top Dutch coaches. The Dutch staff supports our team camp initiatives each year, while providing mentorship and guidance to the coaches and the club’s technical staff. This year, we also hosted coaches from the English Premier League club Watford.  The Watford coaches trained our U15-17 competitive teams and provided educational lectures in between morning and afternoon training sessions.

And now the soccer fall season is upon us all. All of our club’s divisions including our adult co-ed league, US academy, competitive, recreational, and futsal divisions are in full swing. Our membership is over 1,400 strong, not including the 400 plus adult co-ed players. As we enter quickly into our competitive matches, let’s ALL keep in mind it’s all about the players in the end. Mistakes will happen by all involved every week including players, coaches, and referees. Let’s cheer and support at all times and try not coach or criticize from the sidelines. Coaches will do their best to guide their teams, referees will do their best to keep matches played within the rules of the game, and players will do their best to please their coach, their teammates and their parents! Together let’s make this season enjoyable for all involved and while doing so let us all set the standard in the region for proper behavior both on and off the field.

Off the field the club has two big upcoming fun events planned.

  • In October both clubs again united for the 4th annual Orange & Gold Gala held at Barone’s. This year both clubs are giving away a Hyundai or $20k in cash. Raffle tickets are still available and players can compete to win individual prizes by selling the most tickets. It’s pure fun and a great atmosphere with food, song and dance and one lucky individual drive away with a new car or walk away with $20k in cash!
  • In November our club will be hosting our 1st 5k Fun run sponsored by Gene’s fine Foods! Look for details to be sent out the membership in the coming weeks.

Both events are fundraisers, with the proceeds being put back into the club for future improvements in venues and programs.

As always, please reach out to the club if you have any questions or concerns!

Kevin Crow

Executive Director

©2018 Ballistic United Soccer

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