Elite 1 U-12 – Shepherds Gate

//Elite 1 U-12 – Shepherds Gate

Elite 1 U-12 – Shepherds Gate

Connor Dantzig, Jacob Rocha
Elite 1 U-12

            Hello our names are Connor Dantzig and Jacob Rocha and we play on the Ballistic United U12 Elite 1 Team. We organized a clothes drive to give clothes to mothers and their children in need. We decided to do this project because we felt so inspired by the work that Shepherds Gate was doing for these mothers and their children. Once we found out about this cause we had to help.

            Right after we heard about this cause and got our ideas we jumped in right away. We made informational letters stating facts about the cause and the clothes drive, and why to help and how much these mothers and children needed their help. We handed out the letters to friends. After a few days we got lots of feedback from these families stating that they proud to help the cause. Without these families our clothes drive would be nothing. With the feedback we got we mapped out the area and which houses to go to. We went to each and every house and picked up the donated clothes. We left a thank you card on the front porch on each house to say thank you for the donations and how much we appreciated their help towards the cause. After we went to each house we had about 25 garbage bags full of clothes in the back of the car.

            We drove these bags to the Shepherds Gate Livermore campus. This campus gives clothes, education, case management, medical care, parenting classes, job training and childcare to mothers and their children who are experiencing homelessness due to poverty, addiction, domestic violence and other threats. Right when we got their we were greeted by what we think was a women who went through some tough times herself and is now working at Shepherds Gate due to her inability to be online and the caution she put forth. We quickly got out of the car due to pressed time from our soccer game. We unpacked the 25 garbage bags full of clothes that mothers and children in the future would wear. The employees working there were happy to see all these clothes that would soon be given to mothers and their children.

            These mothers and their children went through a lot of hard times, and shepherds gate helps these women. We found this great cause and after donating hundreds of clothes we feel good about ourselves and felt like we have accomplished a huge goal. Without friends and family none of this would be possible. Overall we leaned a lot while doing this project. When you feel like things are tough think about these mothers and children, having to deal with the things that they have dealt with. You can also think that you can always help a problem, you can always solve a problem big or small. And that’s what we’ve done, and were proud of that, and hopefully problems such as this one will be extinct and solved.