Elliot Swigert, one of BUSC’s own is experiencing a year round soccer study abroad opportunity in Barcelona provided by our clubs partnership with IFX Soccer! After playing this past season on our clubs US Soccer U14 academy team, Elliot and his family chose to provide him this great international experience.
He is doing really well and enjoying himself tremendously.  He is going to a school that is about 10-15 blocks from the Camp Nou and is fitting in really well.   He is on the school futsal team playing with the 16-18 boys.  He is also playing on a regional team called Espluguenc FC http://www.cfaespluguenc.com/.   He lives in the Gracia district in central Barcelona and has a wonderful host family.  He has a subway card and easily gets around all over the city and is basically loving it.  He plays either futsal or soccer almost every day.
Recently he went to the Champions league game against Bayer Levekusen.   He said the atmosphere was amazing – especially after Suarez scored.   Attached are some pictures including one where his parents captured him on TV – he is the one with the white phone behind.
We are proud and excited for Elliot and look forward to more updates throughout the year. For more information on IFX Soccer, contact Mike Carlson at mcarlson@ifxsoccer.com