Below is information about BUSC's spring evaluations. At this time (May 15), we are moving to a waiting/interest list and inviting out players only when and if there is availability and/or roster space. Please note we will reach out to you if your child is being invited out. There is no need to contact us. We take a club break between the end of May and July 12, so there will be no evaluation opportunities in that time frame.

We STRONGLY encourage all families considering BUSC competitive soccer to review the information on the competitive programs, time commitment, and costs at prior to registering for evaluations. The costs for 2021-22 will be the same as the current web listing for 2020-21.


NorCal has recently released its "approved" try out dates for the coming season. Their window is from May 10 - June 27. Regional NorCal clubs and leadership have also provided guidance on the tryout process for Region 3:

Because this year is so unique, each club in our Region believes it is important to approach tryouts and team formation differently this year. Our goal as club leaders is to provide as much stability for clubs, teams and players as possible, while providing open and clear opportunities for players to move clubs if they wish to do so. In addition, our first priority is to ensure the safety of our players, families and communities and we believe that our current COVID protocols make it impossible to conduct tryouts as usual. With that in mind, each club has committed to a different than normal tryout policy this year.

In 2021, all Region 3 clubs will refrain from holding open tryouts to prevent mass gatherings of players from different clubs at a single location. Instead, clubs will facilitate trials for interested players. These trials will allow players to attend scheduled training and be evaluated inside of a team's normal training environment. While details will differ from club to club, no club shall offer mass gathering tryout events this year. These trials can be conducted between May 10th and June 6th, without permission from a player's current club.

April 12th: Try out registration opens for current players, players from other clubs, and recreational players interested in the competitive program. Registration is REQUIRED for evaluation.

April 15th: 2021-22 Coach listing will be available on the BUSC website. Please note that if listed as TBD, there is no additional information available currently. Available now at

May 7th: Try out registration closes

April 12 - May 23rd: Currently practicing Club Players will be evaluated by their current coach and next year's assigned coach during the remainder of their current teams spring training sessions and home games. So instead of a typical 2 day tryout , players will be seen over a minimum of 8 training sessions and 2-4 games. On Wednesdays, we plan on sending each team a schedule of when the new coach will be at training or games for the following week. This way as a parent you can do your best to make sure your son is at those sessions. Recreational and Select players may also be evaluated anytime during this window. BUSC staff will reach directly out to registered recreational and select players to arrange times for training.

May 10-23: Current players may train at another club to be evaluated if they choose

May 10-23: Out of town players who have registered will be brought into team training to be evaluated. BUSC staff will reach directly out to registered players to arrange times for training.

May 24: Invites go out to be offered a spot on a club team

May 26: Players must accept their spot, if not the spot will be offered to another player who is next in line.

When registering, please be sure to register your player for the correct program and ACTUAL birth year. There are 4 separate evaluation programs from which to choose.

  • Competitive Evaluations for Recreational Players

    • For players coming out of recreational soccer ONLY.

  • Evaluations for Competitive Players Who Did Not Play with a BUSC Team in 2020-21 Season

    • For competitive players coming from other clubs AND former BUSC competitive players who did not play with a competitive team in 2020-21.

  • Comp Evals for Fall 2020 Select Players NOT Currently Practicing with a BUSC Team

    • ONLY for Fall 2020 BUSC players who are NOT currently practicing with another BUSC team

  • Competitive Evaluations for Currently Practicing BUSC Players

    • For all BUSC players currently practicing with a Premier, Elite 1, or Elite 2 team. This does include U12 Premier/Pre-MLS players. U13-U19 MLS Next players should not register for competitive evaluations unless recommended by MLS staff.