Gavin Watson – U13 Elite 1

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Gavin Watson – U13 Elite 1

Hello, my name is Gavin Watson, on the U-13 Elite 1 team, and for my community service project, my family and I, did a fun run for A-T disease. A-T stands for ataxia-telangiectasia, which affects a large variety of systems in the body, causing symptoms that affect health and daily living.

My family and I went to the Pleasanton sports park in the morning, and hosted a fun run. The fun run was going to raise money to find a cure for the A-T disease. My goal was $500. My family and my grandpa went over to the sports park to set up the place where you donate the money. It was raining in the morning, but luckily, it stopped raining just in time for the run. I was a little worried that some people wouldn’t show up because of the rain. But, surprisingly, almost everyone I invited showed up. The run was really fun running with my friends around the sports park. At the end of the day, I was shocked. I counted all of the money we had got, and we got over $1,000!

This project was really fun and I hope that money does something good to the cause. I really hope that scientists find a cure for the disease soon, so that a lot of kids will be really happy.