My name is Canyon Kosch and I’m on U14 Elite 2.   For my service project, I wanted to do something for animals in need so I decided to collect items for the dogs at the East Bay SPCA Animal Shelter in Dublin.

I emailed the shelter and got a list of recommended items. I made a flyer and gave it to my soccer team. I also made flyers for my friends and relatives. People gave me items from the recommended list – toys, collars, leashes and chew toys – and also money. I used the money to buy canned food and treats. My soccer team was great! We have a lot of dog lovers and always have dogs at our games. I also went to some of the pet food stores to ask for donations. One store gave me 2 cases of holiday stuffed animals. These will be given to people who adopt pets over the holiday season. My goal was to collect $250 worth of items and I ended up collecting over $300 worth.

I delivered the items to the SPCA Shelter in Dublin and met some of the staff and volunteers. I also toured the shelter and visited the dogs waiting for adoption. Rose looked really sad in her room and I wanted to take her home. The dogs in the kennel area were very happy to see me. I got lots of licks and barks and would have taken home all of them if I could.