Jonas Ricke – U13 Elite 2 – Open Heart Kitchen

//Jonas Ricke – U13 Elite 2 – Open Heart Kitchen

Jonas Ricke – U13 Elite 2 – Open Heart Kitchen

Ricke1Hello, my name is Jonas Ricke, I am on the U13 Elite 2 team, and I volunteered at Open Heart Kitchen in Livermore for my community service project. Children whose parents receive a low­income get lunches throughout the school week. Their other big problem, though, is the weekend, because they can’t afford lunches during it. To stop these children from going hungry over the weekend, Open Heart Kitchen distributes box lunches containing two healthy lunches to elementary and middle school students of low­income families in Dublin and Livermore every Friday during the academic year. Open heart kitchen amazingly packs and gives out over 2,000 lunches to children in this situation each week.

My dad and I drove there one afternoon and went inside. We were immediately welcomed in and started to help a group already making the lunches. My job was to bring out large boxes full of lunches to the truck waiting outside. I also got to get all of the necessary food items from the kitchens storage if the people making the lunches ran out of that specific item. My dad was also tasked with this job, but he did this the entire time. After about an hour and a half of hard work, we had finished packing the lunches.

Ricke2Before I started soccer leadership academy, my family was actually already planning to do community service with Open Heart Kitchen, and that was clarified by this class. I was slightlynervous before I went to do community service, because I had never done it before, and I was worried that it would be a bad experience. This turned out to be completely wrong because the people there were really nice, the whole place was like a real restaurant, and all of our hard work went to a good cause. I think that this was a good way to give back, and I look forward to doing it again.