Coach Doug’s 2008 Premier Team K-9 Starting 11

Coach Doug’s 2008 Premier Team

No. 7 – Greyhound because they are fast sprinters (can reach up to 43 mph), intelligent, calm.

No. 9 – Border Collie because many consider the most intelligent breed, energetic, playful, incredible endurance, and agility.

No. 11 – Rhodesian Ridgeback because they are fast, tall, strong, fearless (once used to hunt lions).

No. 10 – Golden Retriever because they are confident, patient, smart and will chase a ball quickly.

No. 8 – Labrador Retriever because they are outgoing, even tempered, enthusiastic, smart.

No. 6 – American Terrier because they are fast, smart and aggressive.

No. 3 – German Shepard because they are aggressive/protective, athletic, very smart, coachable, loyal to family (team).

No. 4 – American Pit Bull because they are stocky/muscular, strong, confident, smart and aggressive, protective.

No. 5 – Doberman Pinscher because they are one of the most intelligent dog breeds, loyal, trainable, protective, fearless, energetic.

No. 2 – Rottweiler because they are self-confident, defensive of family (team), stocky/athletic strong (When herding cattle – they challenge the most dominant animal, so they would not be intimidated to challenge the other team.)

Keeper – Standard size Poodle because they are tall, highly intelligent, energetic, fast, agile, enjoys catching balls.


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