COVID-19 Update from BUSC President Scott McMillin

Dear BUSC families,

We hope that you are staying safe during this COVID-19 pandemic and are taking this opportunity to spend more quality time with your immediate family.

I personally have found some silver lining during these past few weeks by re-connecting with my kids and spouse.  We are playing board games, collaborating on schoolwork and watching movies at home together. I do hope that some of these new “forced” habits are ingrained long-term into our family dynamic.

As far as BUSC, we are hopeful that we can continue to retain our coaching and administrative staff during these challenging times. Our Technical Director, Kevin Crow, has been partnering with the coaching staff to develop fun, engaging and productive remote activities and videos.

You may have seen the BUSC Pup Challenge where one of our teams put together the best starting 11 using dog breeds. These mental exercises allow the players to stay engaged and think about what attributes are needed for each position on the pitch.

We are adopting technologies like Zoom, TeamSnap, YouTube, TeamGenius, Instagram and HUDL to continue to keep the coaches engaged with their players.

We know that these activities cannot replace the on-field training that we are all used to at this time of year, but we think there is some value in having our coaches continue to work remotely with our players and keep the lines of communication open given the current state of things.

While we obviously do not have a refund policy in place for virus pandemics, we are closely monitoring our partner and peer organizations to see what refund/credit policies they are adopting for these unprecedented times.

US Club has suspended soccer activities through April 30th ( US Club states “We believe until a return-to-play date is established, and leagues agree on what will happen with the Spring season, discussion of refunds is premature.”

NorCal Premier has not provided any guidance regarding refunds or credits.  BUSC is a non-profit organization and as such we do not carry extensive financial reserves necessary for us to make it through a prolonged stoppage of activities like we are currently facing.

Once the field ban is lifted, the BUSC Board of Directors is leaning towards providing some complementary camps, conditioning or other types of credits towards future soccer activities in lieu of any refunds.

We hope to provide a clearer path forward in the upcoming weeks, but until we know when we can get back on the pitch, keeping our players and membership safe and coaches and staff employed are our highest priorities.

Also, since it is looking like spring tryouts/placements are going to be delayed, we are hoping at a minimum to be able to provide some stability for our players so they know that once this shelter in place order is lifted, they have a spot at BUSC.

Traditionally, BUSC has tried to take a 6-week break for our competitive year-round teams from June through mid-July to give families time to take vacations, but we may have to consider altering this summer break and start the season earlier to knock the rust off our boots!

Stay safe,


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