Futsal program poised to gain international acclaim!

Ballistic United has been on the leading edge of all developmental aspects of youth soccer.

One such aspect is the BUSC Bulldog Futsal Club.

Futsal is a smaller, faster version of soccer that places emphasis on ball control and creativity. Played on dimensions similar to a basketball court, this 5-a-side game is the world’s fastest growing indoor sport. It is considered the foundation of Brazil’s “beautiful game”. From Pele to Neymar, each of the country’s megastars credits futsal for their exceptional skills.

The Futsal program has not only gained local and statewide recognition but has garnered national acclaim as well. Soon the Bulldogs have a chance to make a showing internationally when they take part in the World Futsal Cup in Spain in December.

In the group stage, the Bulldogs will face the team from FC Barcelona, among other teams.

Rob Bell, who heads up the Futsal program, has gained acclaimed as well as he writes a blog on Futsal and has authored a couple of books on the sport as well.

Two of the players have gained international recognition already in Luke Bell and Tomo Allen.

Bell is the only American player to be invited to train with Santos FC (the home club of Pele) in Brazil where he spent three months earlier this year. Allen has trained at various pro youth academies in Spain, Holland and Belgium.

There are different programs available in the club. During the winter – December through February – there is an under-8 to under-10 program that trains twice a week and plays weekend games in the San Ramon Futsal league.

At the United States Soccer Developmental Academy level – Ballistic is one of 18 founding members of this national tournament league – there are year-round weekly training sessions.

Initially started as a compliment to soccer, Futsal is reaching the points where kids can play one or the other – or even both.

Seemingly the only thing holding back the Futsal program is the lack of a permanent practice/game facility. It’s a long process but one where the club hopes to have some positive movement in the next year.

For more information on the Ballistic Futsal program, go to www.busc.org, go to youth programs and click on the Futsal link.

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