Jerry Losson recieves U.S. Soccer Academy Director License!

In a continual drive to improve and grow, the Ballistic United Soccer Club took yet another step forward as Jerry Losson, the Director of Coaching for BUSC’s MLS Elite Development Program, received his U.S. Soccer Academy Director License.

In the last six months BUSC has made some high-profile hiring’s of coaches for their Elite program, and now with the honor for Losson, it further shows the clubs commitment to excellence.

“It has definitely connected us across the nation and globe as I was in the course collaborating with 14 other Academy Directors ranging from New York, Boston, Florida, San Diego, Portland, Italy, and Spain,” said Losson. “I believe the course has given us/me the tools to connect locally, regionally, nationally and internationally in order to provide the best pathway for our own academy and the individual players within it.”

From June of 2019 to July 2020, Losson spent time around the United States, as well as some time in France.

Losson worked under the mentorship of Marc Nicholls, the Technical Director for Charlotte FC of the MLS. Nicholls is a two-time U.S. Soccer Coach of the Year.

Over the course of the year, Losson spent time with several teams/organizations, including a week with the Sacramento Republic.

From there he spent a week studying, sharing, and observing at Clairfontaine, the French Football Federation headquarters in France. There was also a week studying, sharing, observing at Lyon with French 1st Division professional club Olympique Lyon.

Back in the United States, Losson spent a week at the IMG Academy with DA Staff in Bradenton, Florida.

The course is by invitation only with the prerequisite being possession of a U.S. Soccer Federation “A” license.

The overall objective of the Academy Director Course is to enable candidates to acquire or further develop the competencies (knowledge, skills, attitude, and personal development) necessary to work as an Academy Director in a youth development environment.


Besides the individual program the main objectives of the course are:

  • Developing an Academy philosophy that is aligned with club culture
  • Developing, implementing, executing, and evaluating a talent development plan
  • Managing the day-to-day activities
  • Leading the coaches and the support staff
  • Representing the Academy internally and externally
  • Initiating and stimulating innovations and ongoing improvement regarding the players pathway


Losson has a wealth of experience in soccer, but also realizes you can always learn and welcomed the chance to grow, as well as define the future of Ballistic.


“Prior to entering the course, I definitely had established a set of ethics that helped drive personal philosophies and goals,” explained Losson. “Consistently, throughout the entire experience, it became a prevalent theme that the clubs core values— in BUSC’S case: accountability, aspiration, perseverance, sportsmanship and integrity— should always be the guide and driving force behind any decisions made. Basically, this course has reinforced that if we are saying that we are a certain type of club, then we need to stand behind our core values and be that type of club.”

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