K-9 Starting 11 – Rabee Haidari

 Rabee Haidari 

#1-GK-Pitbull: A Pitbull would make the best keeper because it’s competitive, loud, aggressive, commanding, strong, and unafraid as any good keeper should be. It would command the pitch and give its all to keep the ball out of the net.

#2-LB-Greyhound: A Greyhound would make the best left back because it’s one of the fastest dogs ever and it could run the flanks better than any other.  It could run up to help with the attack and track back in a few quick seconds to help fight the counter.

#3-CB-Rottweiler:A Rottweiler would make a great center back because it’s incredibly strong and would not let any player behind it.  It would win any tackle and it would win any ball out of the air.  Every team needs this type of defender.

#4-CB-German Shepherd:  A German Shepherd would make the best center back because of its intelligence and tenacity.  It would direct and organize the field, at the same time being a great leader.  It would be an aggressive defender and it would distribute intelligently.

#5-RB-Jack Russell Terrier: A Jack Russell Terrier would be a great right back because of its incredible speed and agility.  Their advanced agility causes them to not be beaten defensively 1v1, and it causes them to beat defenders in the final third to whip in a mean cross.  Their speed allows to attack up the flanks with speed and track back quickly.

#6-CDM-Border Collie: The Border Collie would be the perfect defensive mid because of its intelligence.  Its most prominent qualities are intelligence, instinct, and work rate, which are all essential for the six.  It would command the field and dictate the speed of play, leading the team with its intelligence.

#7-LW-Doberman Pinscher: A Doberman Pinscher would be an ideal striker because it is known for being insanely quick and very smart as well.  It would collaborate with others to create chances and would finish any opportunity.  Its aggressiveness would intimidate defenders and its speed would get past them.  It’s also quite flashy and arrogant which is typical of a winger.

#8-CAM-Labrador Retriever: A Lab would be a great attacking mid because it is an all-around breed and excels in many areas.  It would be able to attack, create, assist, tackle, and defend.  It would be especially good at play-making due to its advanced intelligence.

#9-ST-Siberian Husky: A Husky would be the best striker because of its work ethic and brute strength. It would score off headers due to its aggressiveness and its strength would make its shot go in from anywhere.  Defenders would be severely intimidated, and its work ethic would set an example for the whole team.

#10-CAM-Golden Retriever: A Golden Retriever would be a good attacking mid because it is incredibly intelligent and is another all-around dog. It is a good companion and a hard worker, and it is known to have a good connection with the lab so they’d work well together. Its smarts would lead to some goal opportunities.

#11-RM-Australian Shepherd: An Australian Shepherd would make a great winger because of its agility and stamina.  It could take on defenders all day long and its advanced intelligence would create goal scoring opportunities.  Its speed would get it past the back line in front of goal, especially on the counter.


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