Keep Mental Skills Sharp During These Times!

Parents, I am forwarding information on a program we have been successful negotiating with our club Mental Skills trainer Erika Carlson. The club has purchased a “club account” in order for all of our players to register for FREE (normal $75 per player) and enjoy the online training program. This is a great opportunity to continue to learn and grow as a player during these difficult times we are experiencing together. Parents can help their sons go through a series of 6 lessons. All Coaches have been provided free accounts as well so they can go through the course together as a team and share thoughts along the way.
Check out the info below and click on the link for further details. If interested join your son and your son will be on how to become mentally stronger tackling topics like overcoming adversity, etc…
Here is the link that coaches and players can use to access the program.  Once they land on the page, they simply register with a username, email and password.  Each participant will receive an email to confirm their information and a link to login.
Let’s continue to learn together!

Kevin Crow
Technical Director
Ballistic United Soccer Club

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