Meet BUSC Board Member Mark Mangiola!!

Name:Mark Mangiola

BUSC Board Position: Comp Program Oversight

Years with BUSC: My son Anthony is 7 and has been with the club for 2 years. I am new to the board this year

Favorite professional soccer team: Juventus

Favorite professional soccer player: Salvatore Schillaci

Favorite movie: FightClub

Favorite actor/actress: Edward Norton

Favorite food: Italian

What I love about BUSC: Relentlessly teaching fundamentals at a young age and
embracing innovative programs like futsal might not win games tomorrow but it
will pay dividends for the player/team down the road.

Where will BUSC be in 10 years: Continued success in the development of great
players through our system. Continuous improvement of the experiences and
organization for players, parents and coaches.

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