Meet BUSC Board Member Mike Montoya!

Name: Michael Montoya

BUSC Board Position: Rec program oversight

Years with BUSC: 2 years as parent/rec coach, 8 years as parent, 1 year on the Board

Favorite professional soccer team: Earthquakes

Favorite professional soccer player: Pele

Favorite movie: Usual Suspects

Favorite actor/actress: Harrison Ford

Favorite food: chocolate chip cookies

What I love about BUSC: The club’s emphasis on participation and enjoyment of
the game at all levels, while also providing infrastructure, resources and
curriculum to develop willing talent.

Where will BUSC be in 10 years: Continuing to provide quality soccer experience
at a good value for all levels of play. And a club that is more widely recognized for
its development of high quality players that make good choices both on and off
the field.

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