PASS Adult Soccer ready to kickoff another season!

This weekend brings the beginning of yet another season of the Pleasanton Adult Sunday Soccer League (PASS), offering recreational soccer for players mostly over the age of 30.

The league which started back in the 1970’s, has grown throughout the years from a league of parents of youth players that new very little about the game of soccer to a solid, competitive, yet fun league for those that want to keep playing the game.

Initially the league was its own entity, but now falls under the auspices of the Ballistic United Soccer Club. Angela Woodward, who saw her mother play in the league, now oversees PASS for Ballistic.

There is a Spring and a Fall league, with the Spring league kicking off Sunday, March 8. The season will go into June, with the Fall season running from August to December.

Woodward has 17 teams signed up for the spring in the Over-30 division or the Over-40 division. In order to guarantee larger rosters – vital the older you get – in the Under-30 division, teams are allowed three women at least 21-years-old and three men that are at least 25.

In the Over-40 league, teams are permitted three women at least 35 and three men at least 37.

With the odd number of teams, Woodward has figured out a way for no bye weeks.

“Each week at 1 p.m.  we will have a mixer of players 18 and over that are not on a team and want to come out and play against the team on the bye,” said Woodward. “It’s just $5 for each week you want to play. It’s a great way for people to meet and hopefully they will want to play in the league.”

Woodward also has a special event planned for May 9 when PASS will hold an all-star game. The game is set for 3 p.m. on field 8 at the Pleasanton Sports Park.

“The managers will pick the best players on the team to play in the game,” said Woodward. “We are using the all-star game as a fundraiser for charity. We had one of our league players pass away and he left his family behind. We’ll have a BBQ and raffle to raise funds.”

There is also the highly acclaimed adult soccer tournament that is held Memorial Day weekend, a tournament that always draws a strong field of teams.

For more information on PASS, check out the BUSC web site or e-mail Woodward at

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