U.S. Soccer drops DA programs!

Good Afternoon BUSC DA-

I hope you and your families are well, adjusting to new routines and are flourishing as much as possible.

After a flurry of rumors over the past 8 days, the official word has come today that USSoccer is dropping their Development Academy program. Rest assured that we will continue as an Academy club. What I mean by that is we will adhere to and uphold our high standard of core values, philosophies and mission. I have been brainstorming with for the past 7 days and nights and will continue to collaborate with fellow DA clubs locally, regionally, nationally that have both professional and amateur designations.

Some of the options discussed are:

1-to continue with a US National league run by many of the people who now find themselves without a job that had been running the USSDA, involving the current amateur and MLS clubs and it appears most current/former DA clubs are in favor of this. I’m on a call tomorrow about this after several today…….

2-ECNL, they pitched to us this morning

3-US Club Soccer

4-NorCal, they’re pitching to us this evening

5-California Regional League

6-MLS run Development Academy

We, as NorCal DA clubs are on the same mission and working together at this point, including Sac Republic and Quakes. The MLS clubs need us and their involvement with us differentiate us from the other clubs in the area that are not at our standard. We are all conferencing again tonight after already doing so this morning & this afternoon. MLS is supposed to be making some kind kind press release regarding the USSDA later tonight.

So many things to consider coming into and then out of this Shelter-in-Place time: will people travel as much, will parents allow their kids to hop on a plane and travel for soccer so freely as they once did, does it make sense to play regionally vs nationally, how does this possibly affect playing leagues, will we return to normalcy in the next 3,4,5,6 months, the next year, will there be a new normalcy?

In the end there may be some negatives to all this but I feel we will experience more positives. One of the things we’ve been discussing that I feel could be beneficial, no promises, is including the 16 age group in the DA rather than what we’ve currently been doing.

Although there is nothing definitive I can share with you other than that we are indeed in transition, we will decide to move in a direction that has our current players and their families, new players, our staff, our community and our board’s best interests at the forefront of the decisions we make.

Ultimately, rest assured that BUSC Development Academy’s future is not in jeopardy. We are steadfast in our continued building of the BUSC DA as a driver and frontrunner in the SF Bay Area, Northern California, the western region and across the nation. We are about family, inclusion, diversity and growth as individuals, as well as a club.

Here’s a distance learning, online, virtual classroom assignment for you all:

What are the 5 BUSC DA core values and what do each mean? (This is important to know as we base our decisions on these)

I will let you all know as soon as I know more. In the meantime, stay patient and calm.

Kind Regards,
Jerry Losson
Director of Coaching, USSDA BUSC
U19 Premier HC

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