The 45th Annual Pleasanton Youth Soccer Kick-off Parade will be held on Saturday, September 10th, 2016 in downtown Pleasanton!

Teams will be staged by Age Group and Club from St. Mary’s St and Main St. and along Peters Ave at 7:00AM. The parade starts at 7:30AM sharp and proceeds down Main St., turns onto W. Angela St., and then proceeds back up Peters Ave to the staging area. (see map below)

Step-off Time: 7:30 AM
Arrival Time: Please be lined up and ready to go by 7:15 AM, recommend arriving by 7 AM on the street

Teams can NOT throw candy or distribute any other consumables during the parade.
Parking for participants is permitted in legal parking spaces along adjoining streets. St Mary St., Main St., Peters Ave., W. Angela St. and cross-streets in between will be barricaded – car traffic and parking will not be permitted. Allow sufficient time to drive, park and assemble by 7:00 AM. Be prepared for heavy traffic around downtown Pleasanton that morning.

The BUSC/RAGE Soccer Parade is an annual and long-standing tradition in Pleasanton. As a long-standing tradition since 1969 to mark the start of youth soccer in Pleasanton. Let’s continue this morale and team building tradition allowing our kids to take part with their teammates and coaches.
Have fun and help celebrate the kickoff of the 2016 Soccer Season!


2015 Opening Day Parade Photo Gallery