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BUSC Competitive Programs and Program Overviews by Birth Year

In 2017-18, Ballistic United Soccer Club offers competitive soccer programs for youth born between 1999 and 2010. Children born in 2011 can be considered for our U8 Youth Development Program if they are mature enough to focus at the competitive level and experienced enough with soccer to work within the older age group.

Competitive program teams are coached by professional coaches employed by BUSC. These teams have opportunities to play in regional league play and tournaments. On occasion, a competitive team may travel outside the region for tournaments or other play.

All competitive programs require at tryout or evaluation prior to team placement. Players who are determined by coaching staff to not yet be ready for a competitive program are encouraged to play in our recreational program to continue developing skills and enjoying the sport of soccer.


For 2017-18, our placements and team formation took place in late January and late February for younger age groups and throughout May for our older age groups. If you are interested in BUSC’s competitive programs for your child but missed the placements, we encourage you to reach out to the appropriate age group director to find out if there are any available roster spots. For birth years 2003-1999, you should reach out directly to the coach of the team in which you are interested.

Roster spots can become available throughout the year for various reasons, so it may be possible for your child to come out for an evaluation and join a team at different points in the season.

For more information on our placements that took place for 2017-18 competitive teams, visit out placements page.

Time Commitment

Competitive soccer is a significantly higher time commitment than recreational soccer. Even our youngest players practice twice each week and play games and tournaments on the weekend. To explore the calendar of the programs available for your son’s birth year, please review the program overviews listed to the right.

Our Youth Development Program and Premier/Elite Program can be 8 months to year-round, depending again on the birth year of the program’s players. The season for these programs begins in mid-March.

Our Select Program begins in mid-July and is a shorter season, generally running through mid-December. The season can be extended at the older age groups due to success in State Cup competition.

Financial Commitment

The financial commitment for competitive soccer is also much greater than for recreational soccer. Each program overview to the right provides program fees for each individual program. In addition to the program fees listed on the program overviews, the following costs for all programs except for our U8 Youth Development Program include:

  • Player Registration Fee ($350)
  • Uniform Costs ($300-$400)
  • Team Fees ($300-$400 on average—determined by team)

The U8 YDP program fees include uniform costs and team fees tend to be much lower, as there is little travel/tournament play for our youngest age group. The player registration fee of $350 is still required for BUSC’s U8 YDP.