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psraBUSC utilizes the services of PSRA for all of our games. Many BUSC families are also members of PSRA.

“PSRA” stands for Pleasanton Soccer Referee Association. The PSRA was formed in 1998 to address the officiating needs of the Ballistic United Soccer Club and the Pleasanton Rage Girls Soccer Club. These two clubs, which together form the Pleasanton Youth Soccer League, contribute to the PSRA annually to assure their own teams the highest possible quality officiating for recreational league and traveling team play.

PSRA is mainly a volunteer organization, although the league assignors are paid a seasonal stipend. The PSRA membership is made up of USSF registered soccer referees who live in Pleasanton. Each year PSRA recruits new referees, many of whom still play in our youth soccer leagues. We have a steady stream of adults who become referees too. There are no dues for PSRA (as opposed to USSF), but our members benefit through enjoying “the beautiful game” up close and personal – right in the middle of the field


We are looking for adults to become Soccer Referee’s. Please see PSRA’s New Referee Page or contact any board member (See “Contact Us” Page) for more information.


If you are a referee who moved into town and want to Referee please sign up on our website


Check for the latest classes on the PSRA Website

All United States Soccer Federation (USSF) affiliates, including California Youth Soccer Association North (Youth), require that all referees be certified by the USSF. To do this, you must have a USSF Grade 8 or Grade 9 Recreational Referee.

• Parent Referees – All U9 and U10 Division 4 teams shall provide a minimum of two (2) parents to be trained by PSRA as Grade 9 referees. A parent who is already a referee can be one of the two, and doesn’t need the training.

• The training is 8 hours long and will be provided by the PSRA, with courses starting in August. The course fee will be paid for by the respective clubs and upon completion of the course, the club, through PSRA, will provide each new adult Grade 9 referee with a uniform.

• These trained parents will be responsible for refereeing their team’s games. The clubs will no longer be providing referees at the U9 and U10 age groups. These referees will not be paid for their service; however this will fulfill their club volunteer requirement. If they choose to do games outside the U9-U10 program, they will be paid according to the normal referee scale.


1) The home team shall be responsible to provide the center referee, who must be a currently licensed Grade 9 or higher adult (18 years or older).

2) Each team shall also be responsible for providing one licensed Grade 9 or higher adult to act as Assistant Referee.

3) If only two referees are available, the home team shall provide a parent to assist.

4) If only one referee is available, both teams shall provide one parent to assist. These parent assistants shall only help determine if the ball is in or out of play.

5) If no referees are available both coaches may agree on the appointment of a parent to act as the referee or the game shall be forfeited and the score shall be recorded as 0-1 in favor of the visiting team.

Coaches are strongly encouraged to cooperate with each other in the spirit of “Honoring the Game”, and avoid situations where a forfeit would be awarded. Once the coaches agree and the game has started, the result of the game shall be final.

For class registration and other information, please go to the PSRA Web Site: