Coach Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy

BUSC Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy

This document is meant to provide guidance for Coaches and Team Treasurers as to reasonable expenses for which a Coach should be reimbursed by a Team. The document is meant as a default position. Each Team, in consultation with its Coach, may determine if these guidelines are right for their circumstances.

As a general guideline, the Coach and Team Treasurer should discuss travel plans for any out of town games including tournaments before the games are played. Ultimately, if no simple resolution is made, the Club Technical Director should be called upon to make a decision.

Expenses usually will involve three items: Per Diem Expenses (food, miscellaneous expenses AND/OR token compensation for time), Automobile Allowance (personal and rental) or Airline Tickets, and Hotel Costs, (excluding charges for personal telephone, mini-bar and in-room movies or games). Federal Travel guidelines will be used on case-by-case disagreements.

Expenses may be incurred and reimbursed for travel to and from tournaments out of town but scrimmages will not be covered (unless agreed between Coach and Team Treasurer). Spring and Fall League games that are out of town will not be covered. All State Cup games are considered “tournaments.

Technical Staff and Head Coaches will be reimbursed for mileage up to 800 miles per trip at a rate of $0.55 per mile or at the current rate set by Federal Travel Guidelines. If the trip exceeds 400 miles one way, coach airfare and car rental will be reimbursed. If the Trainer or Coach prefers automobile travel, the maximum reimbursed by the Team(s) will be 800 miles times $0.55. Receipts whenever practical must be submitted to Team Treasurers.

“Per diem” is a term most widely recognized as compensation for meals and incidental expenses when on a business trip. The Federal Travel Guidelines set forth approximations for reimbursement for three meals a day, as well as incidental expenses. We recognize that Coaches who travel to tournaments are taking time from their lives, families and even regular jobs. Their contracts provide payment for training sessions, for attending League games and tournaments. The number and venue of tournaments is, in part, determined by discussion between Coaches, their age group DOC, and Teams and, therefore, may be a variable among all the Teams of the Club.  Meal reimbursement will be refunded at the following rates:

  • Breakfast: $12
  • Lunch: $14
  • Dinner: $22
  • Maximum per day: $48

If a rental car is shared, those sharing the car MUST apportion the cost of the car when submitting the cost to their teams. Coaches should reserve hotel rooms of the same approximate cost as those of the typical family at a tournament. The Club will not tolerate the submission of falsified expense reimbursement requests.

Given the variance of costs throughout the United States, the Club may determine different amounts for the suggested per diem later this year or at some other time in the future. Such amount will recognize, but not necessarily match, the published Federal Travel Guidelines. Some non-local tournaments may require a Coach to depart for the destination well before evening. In such a case, a reasonable dinner expense ($15 would be a suggestion) should be reimbursed by the Team in lieu of a per diem as no tournament game is played on that day.

Local Tournament

  • In the Bay Area
  • Within an 50 mile drive of the Pleasanton
  • May be one day event or take place over more than one day

Local Tournament with Overnight Stay

  • In the Bay Area
  • Single or multiple-day event
  • Early game (8 AM or earlier) which the Coach deems early enough to require a hotel
  • If the Team chooses the option or requirement of having a hotel, for Team-building, for instance
  • Logistics for the Coach dictate
  • If the Coach is involved with more than one Team, with less than all Teams participating over more than one day, the Teams involved in multiple-day games will be charged on a pro rata basis for hotel for that previous night in question
  • Because this may be contentious, the Coach should initiate conversation with the Team Treasurer(s) or Team Manager(s) before the event

Non-local Tournaments

  • Over 50 mile drive for the Coach
  • An event at which the Team has decided that the Team should stay in a hotel
  • An event at which a bonding event is to take place but no hotel is required for the team but a return the following morning for play occurs

Overnight(s) stay may be reimbursed for the night prior to play, but not for the night when play is completed, unless it is too complicated to vacate the room given airline schedules or uncertainty as to conclusion of the event for the team. For instance, if a tournament game is scheduled for 3 PM, and the winning of the game would result in a playoff the following day, the Coach might reasonably assume that she/he might (rather than, would) require the room for another night. Also, if a tournament is distant and game schedules call for a late game, then flight schedules may preclude leaving a hotel at a reasonable hour. It is at the discretion of the Coach to take a “red-eye” flight or not. In case of a post-tournament-day departure, the Coach should receive compensation for breakfast from the Team instead of a per diem. Often, hotels which have been booked for tournaments will be flexible in check-out times and management should be contacted for their regulations by the Coach in an effort to save the Team money, if possible.

Questions may be directed to Kevin Crow at (916) 749 9967 (Technical Director).

Assistant Coaches are not included in the above unless the Assistant Coach is acting as the Coach at an event. In that case, the Assistant Coach would be reimbursed as if she/he were the Coach. Any reimbursement between an Assistant Coach and the Team should be discussed well before the event.


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