U8 Black & U9 – National Champions

The u8 Black team showed tremendous grit in the semi-finals, coming back from 2-5 halftime deficit against Legends of San Jose to tie the game 6-6 in the last minute. After 10 minutes of overtime, the teams went to PKs. Every year the tournament provides a game of such intensity and passion that nerves fray. This was the case as over 200 fans surrounded the court in anticipation. Parents and players chanted in unison. It almost seems unfair for kids to be put under this pressure, but our boys stepped up and took care of business while keeper Landon Kenney provided three vital stops. And the finals? Another heart stopper … a 6-5 win over the Gilroy Eagles with the winning goal scored with just a couple minutes remaining.
The u9s continue their run of high level play. Since December the team is 41-1 in all friendlies, league games, jamborees, and tournaments. More importantly, the group continues to evolve technically and tactically. The finals were a wonderful display of teamwork in a 6-1 win over the San Jose Earthquakes Academy. 
Our u14 Academy team played in a final as well. Relatively new to tournament futsal, this group impressed with their quick adoption of our basic strategies. The finals were a tightly contested 5-3 loss to the LA Galaxy Academy.
A special shout-out to our u8 Gold, u11, and u13 teams. All had special moments and represented our club well.