Vision and Core Values

Club Philosophy

The club philosophy is that development of Ballistic players and how we play the game is a greater priority than winning. Our focus is to place more importance on skillful and creative play that will produce better soccer players. It is the philosophy of BUSC that no child will be denied the ability to play at any level based on financial hardship.


To develop young men to their full potential through the beautiful game of soccer


To provide the best youth sports organization attainable that serves all levels of youth soccer players while providing consistent BUSC core values to develop life skills to our members.

Core Values

  • Aspiration  We will always strive to maximize our development as a club through our staff, coaches, players and member experience.
  • Perseverance  We will embrace challenges as just obstacles to overcome by working together as members of a club
  • Accountability  We will hold one another to a high level of performance, effort, and follow through
  • Sportsmanship  We will conduct ourselves in the highest ethical manner wherever the game is played. This includes honoring the rules of the game as well as respecting our opponents, officials, coaches, and fellow teammates. Additionally, we will show respect in the face of poor sportsmanship.
  • Integrity  We will stand behind our handshake and our word, which are derived from character.

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