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Dear Families of U14-U19 BUSC Competitive Players,

Our Board of Directors, based on the growing research on the effects and potential effects of concussions, particularly on young athletes, decided before last season to mandate concussion testing for our older age groups (U14-U19) Premier and Elite players. Because we believe this is an important step toward protecting your son and our players, we have partnered with Stanford Children’s Health to provide readily available testing at no cost to your family.

There are multiple options available. These first will allow you to take advantage of the free testing provided by the Club:

  • Sign up for one of the reserved time slots blocked out for us by Stanford Children’s Health. Please register asap—if you wait, you may find yourself without an appointment time. Information/link to register is to the right and may also be sent under separate cover from your team manager.

There are two additional options that will allow you to provide us with an ImPACT ID to place on file with Stanford Health. If choosing one of these options, provide your ImPACT ID to Grace Whang ( .

  • Provide the ImPACT ID for a test completed no earlier than May 2018  by your son through another organization (high school, etc.). Tests conducted earlier than May 2018 cannot be used as a baseline for the 2018-19 season.
  • Use another doctor who conducts ImPACT testing. Please note that using this option may incur costs for your family. You can search for an ImPACT provider here:

In order to begin practicing after the Club break and for a player pass to be processed, your son MUST have a completed ImPACT test on file with Stanford Health.

The link to directions from Stanford, including contact info for questions or sending ImPACT IDs from prior tests, is to the right, as is the consent form you need to take with you to your visit. Your attention to this matter is appreciated and will ensure there is no delay in your son beginning the new season.

It goes without saying that once you have registered for a session, you should attend that session, and if an unexpected conflict comes up, you will contact Stanford to cancel your appointment. Players who cancel multiple times or who no-show an appointment may need to find another options for completing their test. Please use common courtesy for these appointments with our valued partner.


Thank you.


Kevin Crow

Executive Director, BUSC

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