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Competitive Soccer

Competitive soccer at BUSC is made up of two different programs: Premier/Elite (or Youth Development Program at the youngest age groups) and Select.

Tryout Required?  Yes. Tryouts are required for all competitive teams and occur in May. More information is available at 2018-19 Tryouts.

Why They Play:  To improve skill, to have fun, to compete.

Who Coaches:  Licensed coaches.

Season Length:  Varies by program. Premier/Elite and YDP begin mid-July and run through summer, fall, and spring, may include winter training. Select begins mid-July and runs through summer and fall. Some Select teams may play into the Winter for State Cup.

Practice Frequency:  2-3 times per week.

Practice Length:  Usually 90 minutes.

Practice Days/Times/Locations:  Varied.

Games:  Typically, Premier/Elite and YDP teams compete in NorCal’s Fall and Spring Leagues, various tournaments, and State Cup. The U8 YDP competes in several playdates with other Clubs instead of in a structured league format. Select teams typically compete in NorCal’s Fall League, tournaments, and State Cup.

Uniforms:  Included for 2011 (U8) YDP, purchased separately by all other age groups.

Cost of Program:  Full costs vary by program and age group and include several separate costs. When reviewing program details, it is important to understand that the Program Fees listed are only one piece of the overall costs.

Program Fees range from $875 (Select teams) to $1950 (older Premier/Elite teams) and do include a $50 volunteer fee that can be refunded after fulfilling volunteer hours (typically 3-4 hours in the office, at a tournament, or serving as your team’s manager or treasurer). Payment plans will be available for Program Fees only.

Additional Costs Beyond Program Fees:  Premier/Elite, YDP, and Select players will all incur the below costs, though there is some variability in uniform costs, depending on whether you purchase optional items such as warm-ups or bags, as well as in team costs.

  • Club Registration (paid online to Club during registration–$325);
  • Pre-paid Raffle Tickets (paid online to Club during registration, can be earned back by selling two $25 raffle tickets–$50);
  • Uniforms (paid directly to SoccerPro during online uniform ordering–$300-400);
  • Team Fees (varies, paid directly to team manager, est. $350-$375*).

*2011 (U8) Team Fees are significantly less, usually around $100. Select Team Fees may potentially be slightly less, depending on tournament participation.

Financial Aid:  Financial aid is available to those who apply and qualify. If you hope to receive financial aid, we highly recommend meeting our priority filing deadline of May 6, 2018. This will ensure you have a financial aid decision prior to being required to accept a spot on a team AND that the financial aid does not run out before you apply. Financial aid can ONLY be applied toward Program Fees and cannot be used to accept a spot on a team after tryouts.

Program Fees by Birth Year

See Cost of Program (to left) for Additional Costs

2011 Birth Year

U8 Youth Development Program (YDP)

Program Fees: $925

2010 Birth Year

U9 Youth Development Program (YDP) Program Fees: $1440

U9 Youth Select Program Fees: $875

2009 Birth Year

U10 Youth Development Program (YDP) Program Fees: $1440

U10 Youth Select Program Fees: $875

2008 Birth Year

U11 Premier/Elite Program Fees: $1650

U11 Select Program Fees: $875

2007 & 2006 Birth Years

U12 & U13 Premier/Elite Program Fees: $1795

U12 & U13 Select Program Fees: $875

2005 - 2000 Birth Years

U14 – U19 Premier/Elite Program Fees: $1950

U14 – U19 Select Program Fees: $875

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