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Recreational soccer is a large component of the Ballistic United Soccer Club with approximately 70% of all players participating at this level.  The primary objective of the Recreational program is to provide a positive, low-pressure soccer experience for the youth of our community.

Recreational soccer is the BUSC team option for traditional soccer with the lowest commitment level, both in terms of time and cost.

Tryout Required?  No. All players who register are assigned to a team as long as space is available on team rosters, and players are assigned by their home elementary school within the Pleasanton Unified School District. Per U.S. Soccer requirements, players register by their birth year, NOT by school grade. For more details on this, see Age Group Determination.

Why They Play:  For fun, for exercise, to enjoy soccer in a less competitive environment.

Who Coaches: Volunteer Parents

Season Length:  Mid-August through Late October/Early November

Practice Frequency:  1-2 Times/Week, dependent upon age group and coach preference.

Practice Length:  45-90 minutes, dependent upon age group and coach preference.

Practice Days/Times/Locations: Practice Days/Times/Locations: Our U5-U6 programs take place on Saturday mornings, and our U7-U8s have one set practice each week and games on Saturday mornings/early afternoons. For all other age groups (U9 and older), practice details are determined by coaches based upon their availability, though we provide a available field options to the older age groups IF the coaches choose to utilize them. NOTE: This means we do not assign teams according to date/time preferences, nor are we able to accommodate requests for specific dates or times. Teams usually receive their schedule from their coaches in early-mid August. Locations are typically in Pleasanton parks.

Games: Usually once a week on Saturdays. Occasionally, a team may have more than one game on a weekend or may be scheduled on a Friday evening or Sunday. Our U7-U14 age groups will end their season with a multi-game tournament the last week of October.

U5-U14 age groups play other BUSC teams locally and in-town. Scores and standings are kept at the U9 and older age groups.

U16 and U19 age groups play other nearby Clubs in a recreational division in NorCal. Away games will be outside of Pleasanton.

Additional Programming:  Opening Day Parade in Downtown Pleasanton

Uniforms:  Provided.

Cost of Program: $139 – $381, depending on age group. An additional $50 late registration fee will be added for all registrations completed after June 30. For further information, visit Rec Registration and Fees.

These fees include a $25 pre-paid raffle ticket fee for all age groups (which you may earn back by selling raffle tickets provided by the Club) and a $50 volunteer fee applied to age groups U7 and older (can be refunded after fulfilling volunteer hours–typically 3-4 hours in the office, at a tournament, or serving as one of your team’s 2 coaches).

Team Costs:  Estimated at $40 per player, to be paid to your team’s manager. Costs may be less for older age groups not participating in the opening day parade.

These fees are used by the team’s manager to cover some or all of the following: Purchase of a team banner for the Opening Day parade, team costumes and accessories for the Opening Day parade, printing of players’ names on the back of their jersey(s), end of year team party, and end of year thank you gift for volunteer coaches.

Financial Aid:  Financial aid is available to those who apply and qualify. If you hope to receive financial aid, we highly recommend applying ASAP, as registration does require online payment. This will ensure you are able to register early and reserve a spot AND that the financial aid does not run out before you apply. Financial Aid recipients typically are still required to pay an amount used to cover hard costs of the program.


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