16 06, 2017

Orange & Gold Fall Fundraiser


Join us for our 3rd Annual Social!

We have a special evening of festivities planned, including cocktails, appetizers, raffles, dancing and connecting with friends and family!

We are looking for fabulous raffle donations: vacation home getaways, tickets to popular sporting events, a day on the Bay, or other unique experiences valued at $1,500 or greater.

What a great way to spend a fun evening raising money for our players.  Invite your family and friends to this special, not to be missed, event!

  1. 30% of funds raised by Pleasanton RAGE will go to Gable Heart Beats Foundation and 70% will go towards financial assistance programs offered by our club.
  2. A portion of BUSC funds raised will go to the A-T Children’s Project and Rettsyndrome.org.  In addition, proceeds raised will continue support field development & maintenance, equipment maintenance, scholarship needs and program development.

6:00PM – 10:00PM

Purchase Tickets – Click Here

29 03, 2017

Ballistic United Placement information Premier, Elite, and Select Teams

Ballistic United Placement information
Premier, Elite, and Select Teams
2003-1999/2000 Birth Year (U15-18/19)

The Club’s competitive placement process (try-outs) for the upcoming 2017/18 season is detailed below. The club will again be approaching our placement in the same format as the last few years, which the staff feels is a more effective process for being fair to current players and evaluating new players interested in trying it out for a particular team.

At BUSC we prioritize our current BUSC player during team formation by making sure all current players have a chance to make a team internally before filling open roster spots with new players from outside the club. This process will allow current BUSC players to accept roster spots or be evaluated for the teams they want to attempt to make for the upcoming 2017/18 season. Note: Clubs within Region 3⁄4 have agreed to not hold formal tryouts until May 1st.

Team kick-off meetings will happen in during May. Once teams form and players are registered, they will train throughout May 2x per week until our club break which begins on June 2nd.

Please contact the Club’s technical director & U16-U19 DOC, Kevin Crow, at TD@busc.org or at 916-749-9967 for any questions. The list of teams, coaching assignments/bios, and coach contact information can be reviewed by birth year at: https://busc.org/competitive-coaches/


If you are a returning BUSC Premier or Elite player who wishes to remain on your current team:

    • No formal tryout is required.
    • In March, coaches will simply ask players if they are “in for next year.” We keep thisprocess simple, as players are mature enough and coaches knowledgeable enoughabout each player’s abilities that this is all that is needed.
    • BY APRIL 15, players should accept (or decline) the coach’s offer of a roster spot. Thisensures the coach knows how many open spots are available.
    • BY MAY 1, those who have accepted roster spots should register in Korrio and pay for basic club registration to secure their roster spots. Registration will open no later than April 10th.
    • Any current player who would like to try out for another club is welcome to do so. All we ask is that this is communicated to your current coach and we will be happy to make sure you get that opportunity. Remember, you cannot try out for another club until May 1st or you and the new club could be suspended.

If you are a returning BUSC Elite or Select level player who wishes to be considered for a higher-level team:

  • Beginning in March BUT NO LATER THAN THE END OF APRIL, you should verbally or in writing (via email) request a tryout from the coach of the team you hope to make.
    **For example, if a 2nd team players wants a chance to make the 1st team they will contact the 1st team coach at the correct birth year and ask for a look during this time period. Same process goes for a player on a current 3rd team who wants to try out for a 2nd team.
  • Throughout March and April, coaches will invite the players into a couple of training sessions or evaluate within the players’ game schedules.
  • The coach will let the player know if he is being offered a spot on the team or not. If not, the player can confirm his spot on his current team and level of play for next season.
  • Once coaches confirm to the BUSC office that a player has accepted a roster spot for the 2017-18 season, families will receive instructions on registration, payment, and the kick-off meeting.

If you are playing with another Club or have recently moved into the area and are interested in playing with one of BUSC’s Premier or Elite teams:

  • As early in May as possible, you should contact the coach of the team you are interested in joining next year.
  • If there are roster spots available, the coach will bring you into May team training sessions for evaluation.

If you wish to play on a SELECT team at your age group (returning and new players):

  • In May, ALL players interested in Select teams will try out over 2 tryout dates.
  • Dates are TBD by the Club.
14 11, 2016

Stanford Men’s Soccer Game

06 Premier, Elite 1 and Elite 2 went to a Stanford Men’s Soccer game.  Before the game, 3 Stanford players talked to the boys about their college soccer experience.
At half-time, the boys scrimmaged each other in the middle of the field. After the game, some of the boys took pks in the pouring rain.
10 11, 2016

All Star Pictures


19 07, 2016

2006 Team Traveled to Portland, Oregon

The mixed team of 2006 players advanced to the gold semi final game but lost after 8 rounds of PK’s. During the semi-final the team was down 0-2 at half  but they tied the game 2-2 to force the shootout.

The team also attended the u23 Portand Timbers game on Saturday night as ball boys.  Thank You to Christine Butler who was the team manager for the trip.
The team consisted of; Aidan Ahmad, Lucas Butler, Andres Garcia-Flores, Morgan Brooke, Matthew Malfatti, Ian McCorriston, Griffin Mello, Evan Pimentel, Andrew Soares, Colin Surridge, Alex Thompson. A total of 30 people attended this trip. The team was coached by Coach Mario and Roland.

The team consisted of; Aidan Ahmad, Lucas Butler, Andres Garcia-Flores, Morgan Brooke, Matthew Malfatti, Ian McCorriston, Griffin Mello, Evan Pimentel, Andrew Soares, Colin Surridge, Alex Thompson. A total of 30 people attended this trip. The team was coached by Coach Mario and Roland.


16 12, 2015

Ballistic United Soccer Club US Soccer Development Academy Players Invited to US Youth National Team Camp in Florida!!

Gilbert FuentesMax GoeggelBUSC is proud to announce that again, our players have been invited into the USYNT (US Youth National Team) Camp.Gilbert Fuentes and Max Goeggel both born in 2002 have been selected for the 2nd camp of the 2002 age group cycle.

Both players showed very well in the last USYNT camp this Fall and again at the Regional USSDA Showcase in Los Angeles in November.

“Both Gilbert and Max are both students of the game and very dedicated. More
important they are hard workers, humble and great human beings. They both are doing great in school and balance family, school and their commitment to the BUSC USSDA U14 team very well”
– Andrew Ziemer, the U14 Academy Coach

Check out the FULL ROSTER

Ballistic United is the only club outside of LA Galaxy to have 2 or more players attend.

With the following past players that makes 6 Ballistic current or former players to be invited into the USYNT in the past several years.

Adolfo Trulijo (current U16 1999 player with SJ Earthquakes)

Nico Lemoine (current U16 2000 player with DeAnza Force)

Mario Anaya (current 2001 U14 player with SJ Earthquakes)

Travian Sousa (current 2001 U14 player with BUSC)


14 12, 2015

Gavin Watson – U13 Elite 1

Hello, my name is Gavin Watson, on the U-13 Elite 1 team, and for my community service project, my family and I, did a fun run for A-T disease. A-T stands for ataxia-telangiectasia, which affects a large variety of systems in the body, causing symptoms that affect health and daily living.

My family and I went to the Pleasanton sports park in the morning, and hosted a fun run. The fun run was going to raise money to find a cure for the A-T disease. My goal was $500. My family and my grandpa went over to the sports park to set up the place where you donate the money. It was raining in the morning, but luckily, it stopped raining just in time for the run. I was a little worried that some people wouldn’t show up because of the rain. But, surprisingly, almost everyone I invited showed up. The run was really fun running with my friends around the sports park. At the end of the day, I was shocked. I counted all of the money we had got, and we got over $1,000!

This project was really fun and I hope that money does something good to the cause. I really hope that scientists find a cure for the disease soon, so that a lot of kids will be really happy.