Rec Fees


Ages/levelsBirth YearTotal Cost 2024-25
Rec U52020$50
Rec U62019$120
Rec U72018$385
Rec U82017$385
Rec U92016$412
Rec U102015$412
Rec U112014$412
Rec U122013$412
Rec U13 - U192012 -2006$440

For age groups U7 and up, a $75 volunteer fee is included in your registration, as well as the fundraising raffle pre-pay cost above. To receive a refund of the volunteer fee, watch for volunteer opportunities through your team (only 1 coach, 1 assistant coach receive the volunteer fee per team) or through the Club (assisting at tournaments, etc.). There are many opportunities throughout the year.

Estimated at $40 per player, to be paid to your team’s manager. Costs may be less for older age groups not participating in the opening day parade.

These fees are used by the team’s manager to cover some or all of the following: Purchase of a team banner for the Opening Day parade, team costumes and accessories for the Opening Day parade, printing of players’ names on the back of their jersey(s), end of year team party, and end of year thank you gift for volunteer coaches.