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(Updated July 1, 2022)

Dear BUSC Community,

BUSC has updated its COVID-19 protocol in line with the current (July 1, 2002 for quarantine; January 10, 2022 for isolation) Alameda County ‘blanket’ Health Orders regarding quarantine and isolation that we are required to follow. In these, Alameda County has aligned with the recently updated California Guidance (Alameda County Guidelines), but has a few additional requirements.

In summary:

  • Minimum isolation time is 5 days
  • (*Changed on July 1*) If exposed, you do NOT have to quarantine if you don’t have symptoms (even if you are unvaccinated).
  • Tests are recommended for use in exiting isolation, and these can be over-the-counter tests. A PCR test is not required.
  • Everyone who is exposed to someone with COVID-19, or tests positive themselves, is asked to wear a well-fitting mask around others, especially indoors, for a total of 10 days.

The following is a summary of the Alameda Health Orders and California Guidance. (Links to source documents are below)

If your player is tests positive or is likely to have COVID-19 based on symptoms:

  • he must** stay home (isolate) for at least 5 days since initial symptoms or positive test, whichever is earlier,
  • isolation can end after day 5 IF symptoms are resolving/resolved AND there is no fever
  • if ending isolation after day 5, one negative test on day 5 or after is recommended but not required
  • without a negative test, isolation is recommended to be continued through day 10
  • isolation should be continued as long as fever is present
  • mask around others for 10 days, especially indoors

(** the requirement to isolate applies regardless of vaccination status, previous infection, or lack of symptoms)

For players returning to play after a case of COVID-19, we refer you to the relevant Guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics: American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines


Please contact the BUSC Health Officer, TJ Carrothers, at with any questions.

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