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Rec Program Description, Registration, and Fees

Recreational soccer is a large component of the Ballistic United Soccer Club with approximately 70% of all players participating at this level.  The primary objective of the Recreational program is to provide a positive, low-pressure soccer experience for the youth of our community.

FREE U5 (2013 Birth Year) Clinics and Special Low-Cost for U5 Program in 2017 This year, BUSC would love to see every boy born in 2013 come out and enjoy playing soccer as part of our recreational program! In order to decrease barriers for youth to start playing soccer at the youngest age group, we will be offering TWO FREE CLINICS IN JUNE for the 2013 birth year and a special lowered program cost should you choose to enroll your 2013-born son in Ballistic’s recreational program this year. Children in this age group will get the same BUSC experience as the other age groups in recreational soccer–for just a fraction of the price! For more details, please see our U5 Recreational Program flyer.

Recreational Program Description

Recreational soccer at BUSC is intended to provide an opportunity for new players to begin their soccer careers or for continuing players who want to commit to a shorter, less intensive season with a primary focus on the pure fun of learning and playing the great game of soccer.

There are no tryouts for the Recreational Soccer program, and the coaches are volunteer parents. Teams are formed primarily around the neighborhood school/residential zone, and there are often multiple teams in each. Many time there are players from multiple schools on one team.

As with all Clubs nationwide operating under the umbrella of US Youth Soccer, we utilize age groups by birth year. This means all boys born in 2010 will compete in one age group, while those born in 2011 will compete in another, and so on. In recreational soccer, BUSC fields teams under the following age groups: U5, U6, U7, U8, U9, U10, U12, U14, U16, U19. This means there are multiple birth years encompassed in each of our older age groups (U12, U14, U16, U19).

Equipment & Uniforms Uniforms are provided to all players in the recreational program as part of registration. Parents are responsible for providing appropriate footgear and shin guards. Shin guards are mandatory at all practices and games.

Practices Recreational program practices begin in August. There are 1-2 practices per week, dependent upon volunteer coach availability and age group. Practices can last 45-60 minutes, dependent upon the age group of the team.

Games The 10-game season begins in September and finishes before Thanksgiving. Games are typically played on Saturdays, with times scattered throughout the day. Schedulers try their best not to have games on Sundays, but sometimes it does happen. There are no games on Labor Day weekend.

  • U5-U10:  There are no standings or score keeping in these age groups. All participants receive Participation Trophies/Medals at the end of the season.
  • U12 and 14: Standings are kept in these age groups, with 1st and 2nd place trophies awarded at the end of the season.
  • U16 and U19: These age groups play in the Norcal League and compete with teams outside of Ballistic United. Any awards for Norcal League are dependent upon the league in which a team plays.

Registration Process

REGISTRATION FOR THE 2017 RECREATIONAL SEASON IS NOW CLOSED. Visit this page again after March 15, 2018 for registration for the 2018 season!

BUSC’s registration process is open from March until July 15. Beginning July 16, all incomplete and new registrations will be placed on a waiting list.

Recreational registration requires three steps:
  1. Register via our electronic system, Korrio, at Be sure to choose the correct program. Recreational programs are labeled BIRTH YEAR (Age Group) Recreational Registration (Current Year). For example, if your son is born in 2010, the correct program will be 2010 (U8) Recreational Registration (2017).
  2. Pay registration fees in full
  3. AFTER registering on Korrio, upload your son’s proof of birth document (birth certificate, passport, etc) at: Please note this is a TOTALLY SEPARATE STEP from registering in Korrio and BOTH are required.

Your son can NOT be placed on a team until all three steps are taken. Beginning July 16, all incomplete and new registrations will be placed on a waiting list and placed on a team as spots become available.

All families with a completed, paid registration, who has submitted proof of birth documents will receive notice of your son’s placement on a team and the team schedule in early-mid August when the coach reaches out to team members. No team or schedule info will be available until then.


The player registration fee must be paid in full in order for your son to be considered for placement on a team. If payment is not received by July 15,  your son will be moved to our waiting list and will only be placed on a team as openings become available.

2013 Birth Year Fees: $95
2012 Birth Year Fees: $225
2011-2010 Birth Year Fees: $300
2009-2008 Birth Year Fees: $315
2007-1999 Birth Year Fees: $325

Volunteer Fee

For birth years 2011 (U7) and up a $50 volunteer fee is included in your registration. To receive a refund of that fee, indicate your preferred volunteer jobs during the registration process. BUSC’s Volunteer Coordinator will be contacting you throughout the year.


Refunds will be granted for registered players for any reason until Opening Day. After opening day, no refunds will be granted for any reason. Refunds should be requested via our refund request form.

  • A $20 service fee will be withheld for refunds requested by May 31st.
  • A $50 service fee will be withheld for refunds requested between June 1st and Opening Day.