Camps & Clinics 2024

Ballistic United Soccer Club is proud to be offering Summer & Winter camps, along with Clinics which happen the first three Fridays of each month throughout the season. For Competitive Camps please contact Tevin Jones . For Recreational Camps please contact


Season:Spring 2024
Starts:Apr 8 ’24
Ends:May 3 ’24



Val Vista Park

Minimum age:

2017 Birthyear

Maximum age:

2009 Birthyear

MON & FRI 4:30pm to 5:30pm

Individual Fees


4:30-5:30 Val Vista Soccer Park, Field TBA

7350 Johnson Dr, Pleasanton, CA 94566


Mondays and Fridays

Monday sessions will be organized in the US Soccer Grassroots - Developmental program,


Play-Practice-Play format (see below).


PLAY 1 - Coaches will organize players into games to have focused play and coach observes and guides them towards developing their own solutions.


PRACTICE - Practice activities should be of appropriate challenge, resemble the game, involve the players making decisions and allow for creative problem solving. The coaching role during this phase is to guide players while using teaching actions.


PLAY 2 - Play again This phase offers players the opportunity and freedom to play, without interruption, in an environment that mirrors the actual game. The focus of the final Play phase is to encourage players to express themselves and demonstrate what they learned during the Practice phase. The coach will observe and guide using minimal dialogue.


Friday sessions will be oriented around a short warm-up and playing small-sided games with the focus being the same topic as the previous Monday session.


Season:Spring 2024
Starts:Mar 8 ’24
Ends:Apr 26 ’24
Registration Dates:Jan 26 ’24 – Mar 7 ’24 REGULAR
Minimum age:4 years old
Maximum age:5 years old
Age as of:Mar 8 ’24
FRI 5:15pm to 6:00pm
Group Fees
REGULAR $0.00 per player


Welcome to our Ballistic Futures Program! This initiative is sponsored by Fremont Bank and crafted to serve as an engaging introduction to the captivating world of the sport for our youngest participants. Throughout the program, players will delve into the game's fundamentals and rules, honing essential skills in the process. Sessions will be a dynamic blend of individual activities and small-sided games, ensuring a well-rounded, fun learning environment. This program aims to equip players for future participation in our recreational program!

Players can wear shoes. We kindly request parents and players to arrive at 4:50pm on the first day for check-in.

For the convenience of parents, here are some key points about the program:

  1. Flexibility in Attendance: Attendance is not mandatory for every session. We understand that some parents may not be able to attend all sessions. The program is designed to be recurring, and missing a session will not adversely affect the player's overall experience.
  2. Flexible Departure: If a player requires a break or needs to leave early, such situations are completely understandable. Parents can simply notify their session leader, and players are free to depart. We acknowledge that some players may need time to adjust to the group setting.
  3. Parental Involvement: We recognize the pivotal role of parental involvement in the success of the program. Parents are more than welcome to join the session if their player needs extra motivation.

We look forward to an exciting and enriching experience for all participants in our Future Ballistic Program!


If you have any further questions please reach out to



We would like your input on Camp and Clinic design. We have a very short survey which will help us tailor these programs to our memberships wants and needs. This is your chance to influence these programs.